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How to install the non-root variant of YouTube Vanced Apk with Vanced Manager

The YouTube Vanced team has created a new, easier way to get Vanced up and running. Now users can simply install the Vanced Manager app and it will ease the installation process of MicroG and YouTube Vanced. Support for Vanced Music, which is a similarly modified version of YouTube Music is also available from version 1.3.0. The app allows you to easily choose the theme you want and install future updates.

Download the latest version of Vanced Manager from here on your Android device.
Install the application and open it.
Make sure you select “non-root” during the initial setup wizard.
Tap “Install” next to MicroG.
Follow the instructions to allow installation from unknown applications.
Download MicroG, then hit “Install” when ready.
Then tap “Install” next to Vanced.
Select your favorite theme and press “NEXT”.
Select your preferred language and press “FINISH”.
Vanced will be downloaded and you will press “Install” when it is ready.

YouTube Vanced Apk 17.03.38



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