WWE Mayhem MOD Apk v1.64.137 Download For Android + OBB File


NameWWE Mayhem MOD Apk
PublisherReliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
Size231 MB
MOD InfoMenu/Damage Multiplier/Unlimited Money

WWE Mayhem MOD APK is a wrestling show that is known all over the world. In it, the wrestlers fight hard and don’t follow any rules. Wrestlers sometimes leave the ring and use things like tables, chairs, and ladders to hit their opponents in the head. But the truth is that these games are written in scripts, which means that the scripts are the performances. WWE is still exciting and dramatic, even when the performances aren’t that great. So it feels like watching a long action movie to the people who watch it.

Reliance Big Entertainment made WWE Mayhem, the latest awesome fighting game in their series, by taking ideas from WWE. Before, Reliance Big Entertainment was known for making only fighting games, and its high-quality games had names like Real Steel, Ultimate Robot Fighting, and Super Pixel Heroes.

Make sure you have all the skills you need to fight:

There are a lot of different characters to choose from in the game. With the chosen character, the player will have to give them all the right weapons and combat skills. You have to train your players over and over to make them stronger. Your boxer needs to be well cared for and trained to beat the enemy.

Build a powerful and experienced squad:

Players can look for and collect a lot of other skilled boxers. Since then, they have created a powerful army that has scared everyone. You are both the team’s coach and its manager. Players need to train, train the boxers well, and make good decisions about handling them. So, you can get more bonuses when you win big prizes.

Work together in the game with many other strong fighters:

In WWE Mayhem, you can not only build yourself a strong army, but you can also work with many other strong boxers. You will come up with the best strategies and plans for working together so that everyone wins. This will help you win more battles. The game also gives fighters more unique abilities that make it easier to win and beat their opponents.

Set you many challenging tasks:

When WWE Mayhem MOD APK comes out, players must complete many different missions. Each mission is different in how hard it is, and you will face many challenges. You have to do the individual tasks the game gives you to win big prizes. To win, players need to work together flexibly and choose their strategies wisely.

You can play the game with your friends and challenge them with fun quests:

Players can form groups and ask anyone else in the game to join them. From there, make strong alliances and help each other fight. In the game’s attractive mode, players can compete against their friends in many different challenges. WWE Mayhem has many new and interesting features that players will enjoy.

Enjoy a fun and lively entertainment space:

The game has a lot of different and unique ways to play, and players will try them out one at a time and get rewards from them. The way to play this game is also easy, with just a few simple steps. The design of the interface is beautiful, making it easy on the eyes for players. This game also has a lively sound, which adds to the excitement and drama of the matches.

Unlock all superstars:

When you beat your opponent, you’ll get rewards like drinks to help you keep going and spin tickets that let you unlock new superstars. The game’s characters are called Superstars with different numbers, and this character system has graphics that look like they are from real life. There are 6 different classes in the game, and each has some good and some bad points. There are TECHNICIAN, BRAWLER, HIGH FLYER, POWERHOUSE, SHOWMAN, and WILDCARD character classes. You can see how famous wrestlers like AJ Styles, John Cena, and The Rock are doing. Not Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Triple H, or Undertaker, who is a WWE legend.

Arcade graphics:

In terms of graphics, WWE Mayhem has made it easy for gamers to choose their favorite arcade style. This is a fun way to style the game. The details have been simplified, and only the main traits of each character have been kept. But don’t worry, you can still tell who your idols are because you are different.

This game’s great graphics make the tough characters and dangerous punches in real life easier to deal with and more fun. So the game doesn’t have too many age restrictions.

Installing and updating the WWE Mayhem Mod apk:

This is true for both the original and the MOD:

Step 1:

Get APK + OBB on your device by downloading it.

Step 2:

Install OBB via APKMODY Installer

Step 3:

Put the APK file in place.

Step 4:

Start playing the game.

Note: If you open the game and see a black screen, you haven’t done the OBB decompression step right.


Wrestling is a sport that many people all over the world love and watch. When you go to WWE Mayhem, you can watch live matches and participate in them. Other fighters also step into the fiery arenas along with powerful and well-known gladiators. You were standing in front of thousands of people from all over the world, making a lot of heat. Use beautiful moves to take down the opponents in front of you. You find yourself in the middle of unique fights. WWE Mayhem was made with great enthusiasm as part of the WWE program series. This is a fighting action game with a lot of competition. Brings you matches with a wide range of fun actions and features. You can see everything with 3D graphics and free rotation. Train your ability to stay in control and your reflexes to be quicker. Wrestling’s exciting parts will make you sweat.

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