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Initial releaseJuly 2014
Latest releaseAPK V3 / 16 December 2016
Development statusActive
Operating systemAndroid 4.1 or Later
Available inEnglish

Towelroot Apk is an awesome app to root your Android device. It’s a little tool that lets you root your Android device in seconds, all by installing the APK and pressing a button. The most important and amazing feature of this tool is that it doesn’t require a PC to root your Android. Hence, it is a standalone app that can run independently and root your Android device with one click. Towelroot supports a wide range of Android devices available in the market, so your device is more likely to be rooted even if your device is not among the common Android devices.

Towelroot is a rooting tool developed by GeoHot. Rooting a phone can be a risky and complicated process, but with Towelroot it becomes easier. With this tool, users won’t need to connect their phone to a PC to root. All they need is this app and one click of a button and their phones will be rooted. The application is easy to install and has a small file size. The rooting process is quick and does not require a device reboot to work. If you are someone with little knowledge of how rooting works, Towelroot would be a useful root tool.

Pros :

Small files
Easy to install
Fast rooting process
Does not require a reboot
Cons :
Sometimes it doesn’t work
Limited device support

Features of the Towelroot apk app:

The app has a lot of features compared to other similar apps available in the market. You should check the feature details of this app:

It is available in open source and freeware.
The app is small and compact.
App performance is good on all devices.
You can root your device with one click.
You don’t need a PC or laptop to root the device.
Simple and intuitive interface.
No additional complex parameters are required.
You can unroot your device at any time.
Root almost all Android devices safely and accurately without causing minor or significant damage
The PC does not need to root the device. The TowelRoot app does the rooting job independently and brilliantly
Works flawlessly and supports almost all Android devices

Download and Install:

Towelroot is one of the best free Android rooting apps ever. The reason is simple, you don’t need to connect your device to your PC to root and the best part is that you can root any Android device with just one click. But there is a cache! The Towelroot app is not officially available on Google Play Store due to non-compliance with rules and guidelines. So the only way to have Towelroot on your phone is to download and install a version of Towelroot APK. Follow the steps below to successfully install the APK on your phone.

Towelroot mentions Life Hacker and Extreme Tech:

Step 1 :
Go to your phone’s settings and make sure to enable the “Accept downloads from untrusted/third party sources” option. Once done, proceed to the next step.
Step 2 :
Download the latest version of Towelroot APK from here. (Click on the image above to download the latest version of Towelroot)
Step 3 :
Open the APK on your phone and run it.
Step 4 :
When you do, you install the APK on your phone which means you should find the Towelroot app on your phone after successful installation.
Step 5 :
Now open the Towelroot app, which should show you a welcome screen with notes.

 How to Root Android Device Using TowelRoot:

Open the TowelRoot application; there you will see an option called Make it R1an.
Just click this button and wait a few seconds/minutes. Until the end of the rooting process
If you get a success message or pop-up window, your device is rooted correctly and if you don’t receive it, you should try another app on your device.
That’s it, now if you want to check if your device is properly rooted or not, just follow the steps below to check
Check the state of the root using the root check
You need to download the Root Checker app from the Google Play Store; you can do it by clicking on this LINK
After installing the app, open it and click the check root status button and wait a few seconds
You will receive a success message in green color if your device has been successfully rooted
You will get a red message if your device is not rooted.


We have tried our best to provide you with complete information about the Towelroot apk app. We hope you receive all of the information provided above and now know that the installation process is not as difficult as you might think before getting here. Just get the package file via the link provided here. You need to follow the steps carefully to avoid damaging your device’s software. Finally, the impact of the app is not what we expected. There are many similar apps available in the market that support most devices, so why not use the Root Genius Apk app if you want to root your device? You can share your experience with Towelroot apk in the comment section to help others.

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