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Shazam Apk, a music streaming app for android emulators, can be used on personal computers. The app allows users to stream music free of charge, and it can also help with the identification and recognition of songs in seconds. It’s like magic!

Over 100 million people use this app to find 15 billion songs and soundtracks. You can also access song lyrics and share your activities with others.

About Shazam Apk:

Shazam can recognize songs from an audio fingerprint that is based on a graphic frequency called a spectrum. To capture a small amount of audio being played, it uses a smartphone microphone or computer microphone—Shazammaintains a list of audio fingerprints in an electronic database.

In 10 seconds, the user can tag a song, and the app will create an audio fingerprint. Analyze Shazam’s sound and search for matches based on the acoustic fingerprints of millions of songs. Unfortunately, he only saw a fight.

Instantly identify music, and share the excitement of discovering music with your favorite artists. Follow the button of the new artist to see what Shazaming artists have been up to. Keep an eye out to see new singles, albums, and videos from artists you follow.


NameShazam APK
Size25 MB
UpdateA few Days Ago
Required4.4 +

Features of Shazam Apk:

  • Shazam tv shows for soundtracks, actors, and special offers
  • you can find music lyrics and videos on youtube
  • you can preview songs and add them into Rdio or Spotify playlists.
  • Pandora radio can be started based on the artists you know.
  • Google Shazam: “ok, Google. This is Shazam’s number.”
  • find and purchase
  • you can follow the loop with real-time Shazam listings
  • to listen to all Shazam songs, connect radio and spottily
  • for new music, check out these recommended songs
  • find out what is popular in your area, country, or around the world
  • quick links to amazon stores and Google play
  • to connect and share
  • connect your Facebook account to see what your friends are doing. You can share your findings via Facebook and Twitter, WhatsApp or interest.
  • launch Shazam to find your song and artist from the android wear smartwatch
  • you can follow the lyrics with music from your smartwatches.


Shazam acquired more visual information. Click on the camera icon in Shazam magazines, books, and posters. The Shazam camera logo is everywhere you look. Visual knowledge can also be used to read QR codes. Google allows you to search for your Shazam from the past.

Tickets are available to purchase tickets to your favorite artist’s concert. You can use Shazam as many times as you like – there is no limit

Additional Information:

  • you will need a Google to play music shop in your country to view and buy music.
  • MIPS devices cannot be supported.
  • some features are dependent on the location, application, and device version.

What’s New:

Thank you, Shaming! We’re always striving to improve the app. So to enjoy Shazam’s latest and greatest, upgrade to the most recent version.

Keep your Shazam safe, and keep it synchronized between all your devices. Register now to get your Shazam backed up.

Could you give us a rating? We value your opinion, and Shazam can help you be better.


The Shazam pc app will let you know exactly what music is playing on your pc.  Find songs and lyrics in seconds. The app’s content rating is teen. We can install and download it on android devices that support 23 APIs or higher. Shazam can identify any song within seconds. All for free: find artists, lyrics, and playlists: more than 1 billion downloads and counting.

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