Rope Hero Vice Town Apk 6.4.7 Download Latest For Android

Rope Hero Vice Town Apk is an action-based open-world game created in collaboration with Naxeex LLC. The game is so well-liked that it has more than 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store as of this moment! In contrast to other open-world gangster games, you’ll be an incredibly powerful superhero character. You’ll have superpowers that can be used to finish missions and take on criminals. In addition, you’ll be able to explore the city and even complete additional missions. Find out more here!

App Information:

NameRope Hero Vice Town Apk
 Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
Size123.76 MB
 MODUnlimited Money, Gems
DeveloperNaxeex LLC

What Exactly Is Rope Hero Vice Town?

Gangster-themed games that are open to the world are popping up all over the place. Due to the early popularity that was The Grand Theft Auto franchise, we’re seeing more games developed. They’re very popular because they’re different, simple to play, and fun for all players! These games aren’t completed in a single day and people keep coming back for more. If you like these types of games then enjoy this one!

Rope Hero Vice Town is an amazing game in the open world created by Naxeex LLC. It has more than 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store! The game lets you’re able to are a superhero with superpowers that are unique to you. Your character can jump across buildings and has an unlimited super rope, and much more! Consider this game to be an amalgamation that combines GTA or Spiderman Games and you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Apart from that, you can also utilize your superpowers to stop criminals throughout the town. In this city, there are numerous missions and quests you can take on. The city is full of criminals who have nothing else to do except cause destruction. It’s your responsibility to eradicate them and bring calm to this city. Prepare yourself for thrilling battles, thrilling chases, and fun games in this one!

Specifications In Rope Hero Vice Town:

Rope Hero Vice Town is an amazing open-world gangster game where you’ll be playing as a superhero that can complete missions! Apart from that, the game has tons of features to take pleasure in. Here are some of them:

Unique Gameplay:

Open world gangster games aren’t new. They were popularized through the highly popular GTA franchise. Due to their popularity, many similar games were released in a series of games. But, Rope Hero Vice Town is an original blend of GTA and Super Hero games! In this game, you’ll be playing as a superhero in a gang-infused world! You’ll need to complete your tasks and get rid of all criminals who are residing in the city. You can utilize your superpowers or conventional weapons to fulfill your superhero tasks. It’s your choice! You can simply play around with the many possibilities of this game and have fun doing everyday things. There’s no wrong or right method to play the game!


This game lets you’re able to play as a superhero instead of a normal man. As a superhero, you are granted amazing superpowers! The style of the character is reminiscent of the famous superhero Spiderman. The suit’s color is blue, and you’ve got incredible muscles throughout your body. This is why this game is such an exciting one since you can do amazing tricks too.


This game lets you’ll have the power of a super superhero vigilante. You’ve got unlimited rope at your disposal which allows you to move from building to building! Also, you can make amazing leaps and landings. In short, it’s a pretty good thing you’re the ultimate when it comes to this sport. However, with immense power comes great responsibility. Therefore, you need to use your powers to do good.


Rope Hero Vice Town has an overall story in which you undertake missions and quests. The mission starts simple and then advances to more difficult tasks. However, in these games, you might be asked to take out enemies and engage in thrilling chases, or drive some of the most extravagant automobiles! Many missions are waiting to be played to play in this game so that you can enjoy your heart out!


The game also has a variety of cars to drive. You can ride on bikes, SUVs and cars, helicopters aircraft, planes, and many more! There’s a range of vehicles available like supercars, limousines and much more. Each car is made to provide you with a unique driving experience!


The 3D graphics in the game are similar to games like GTA. The game’s entire world is 3D and you can explore the city if you wish to. They did an amazing job of designing the game, making it a joy to play this game. The game’s mechanics is very realistic, and you’ll play through all of it within this game.


With regards to controls, this game has been designed for mobile play. Here, you can manage your character as well as the vehicles with the virtual pad that is located on the left. You can then use your power by pressing the buttons to the right.

The map-This game has an enormous map that extends to miles! There are many things you can do in this game like blowing up people, swinging through buildings, and much more!

Gadgets, Equipment, And Gadgets:

For this type of game, you’ll play with a variety of devices and equipment. You can play with parachutes, gliders, skateboards selfie sticks, and many more!

The Installation Rope Hero Vice Town MOD APK:

You can download it by clicking on the blue stacks
Simply double-click the APK file to download the emulator.
Take a bit of time for the download to complete
Make use of this blue stacks application to aid in the purpose of searching.
In the emulator, look for the rope hero game vice
Simply click the installation button. Wait a few seconds before you can connect the hero


Can I Download The Rope Hero Game Vice Town Apk On Memu Play?

Yes, it can be downloaded the rope hero game through MEmu Play.

Does The Rope Hero Available On The Google Play Store?

The rope hero isn’t available in the Google Play store. It must be downloaded from an external website source.

Which Is The Latest Version Of The Rope Hero Game?

5.3.1 is the most recent version of the game rope hero.

Can I Use HTML0 To Play The Rope Hero Game On A Computer?

Yes By downloading Emulator it is possible to play rope heroes with the PC.

When you install BlueStacks on your personal computer Look up Rope Hero, click install the game rope hero and play it.


Rope Hero Vice Town (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a dynamic and three-dimensional experience featuring a third player. The game’s development begins when your character is awakened on the road in the costume of a superhero, but apart from the weapons, he is carrying an unorthodox kind of rope. Knowing the reason for what transpired by imitating your actions, you embark to explore the city and complete various tasks and missions, as well as take on enemies. As you advance in your journey, you’ll siphon your own body and finish tasks you’ll be doing using ropes and vehicles.

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