PUBG Vietnam 2.0.0 Download Latest Version For Android

PUBG Vietnam that includes resistance update was initially designed to be played by players from the same region, but due to some reason, there are people from different countries who choose to download it over the worldwide version, or even with it, as we witnessed in the case of this Korean Version of PUBG even though it’s also targeted at only the Korean player only.

Yes it is, but the game is targeted towards the nation of Vietnam however, you can still play it and download it to your device by downloading only the apk files and then downloading the OBB file and installing it manually on your phone. In the next section, we’ll explain how to do this in greater detail.

PUBG Vietnam:

It is the PUBG Mobile game is thought to be one of the most played games for mobile phones, for both Android. In addition,  iOS also and possibly Windows even though it competes strongly with Call of Duty. Apart from the version that is available worldwide available, there exist different versions that are targeted to players of particular nations, like that of the Chinese version, which has the same name that can be referred to as Game for Peace. In these versions, there is that of the PUBG Mobile VN version as well as that is the Vietnamese version of the PUBG game we’re discussing today.

Officially only the Vietnamese player can download this edition of the game through Google Play Store. Google Play Store. There are however other ways to allow all users to use the exact Vietnamese version, but it’s not the typical method available to download the game from Play Store, but it will require additional steps. We have written this article to clarify the steps. So, continue next.


PUBG Mobile features a distinct user interface for the Vietnamese version, compared to other versions. If you’ve played PUBG previously, you should not be concerned about this section. This map will be smaller than a map that was created for PUBG.
When you jump on the ground, you’ll be given a specific location at which you will fall from, without having the ability to be in control of it. Two unique weapons that are available in this version are sawed-off shotgun and Crossbow. The attachment to the weapon is changed to suit this particular version. So don’t try to copy your experience of other versions.
It is important to note that the original Red Zone and Blue Zone are not available with this update. You will be informed when an area closes or triggers by this mini-map. Also, you will get an audio message regarding the event.
The durability of the armor is diminished, so you can purchase more armors to lessen the damage you suffer when you’re in a vulnerable condition. Certain areas in the Erangel map have been altered. However, they are still the same as other versions of the map.
After the update, a few Vietnamese players encountered issues in sound effects, textures as well as other issues. The first release and I’m hoping that the developers fix it immediately.
It’s not DirectX and has low-quality graphics as of now. But, Vietnamese players have agreed that the game’s performance is fairly solid even on mid-range devices in comparison to a similar mobile game. This could be due to an easier interface.


From the above link, download the PUBG Vietnam Apk + Obb or download the PUBG VN Apk.
Set permissions for installing applications from third-party sources in the browser or the file manager.
If you’ve downloaded the two first links, Install the APK file. Do not start it immediately.
If you have obtained the APK file, install it straight away and do not follow the following steps
When you’re done with the steps before, then head to your app drawer and then launch the game.

If you encounter an error when installing the game such as there was a problem parsing the file If this is the case. You’ll have to download the game’s files as well as follows a similar installation procedure. It is also recommended to try installing and downloading the apk files on your own.


There aren’t many issues with installing PUBG Mobile VN’s latest version APK on an older smartphone. Sometimes, the latest version of the game might not be compatible with your device because they’re not compatible with your system. Consider playing an older game before you can resolve the issue with the app builder. If you’re required to return to PUBG Mobile VN, make sure to check the app’s release history that is listed above. This list includes all APK version files to download that have been released. Download PUBG Mobile VN APK and OBB on Android.

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