PUBG MOBILE MOD APK 2.3.0 Download Hack + OBB File

MOD FeaturesUnlimited UC/AIMBOT

PUBG MOBILE MOD APK is available for download below. Now you can download all the latest versions of PUBG in just two minutes. Be here with you, explain everything to us. You are a PUBG lover, and now you want to play the hack version of PUBG. So guys this article will be very interesting for you because in this article you will learn how to download PUBG Mobile Mod APK for Android. In this article, we will also cover its features and fill in the important details you need to know.

All gamers who play are familiar with PUBG Mobile APK, but most of them are now familiar with PUBG Mobile Mod APK. Let me tell you what is different between PUBG Original APK and PUBG Mobile Hack APK.

Word I added a hack after PUBG explained it. This is the hack version of PUBG, which has been modified to gain extra control over this game. You can get Aimbot, No Recoil, Unlimited Uc (Anti Ban), etc. By installing this Mod Apk.

Guys, PUBG is a very popular game among young people and children. This game recorded a record of over 100 million downloads in one year. This is the reason for its popularity. But mostly use PUBG APK for Android, not Mod PUBG APK.

PUBG is a multiplayer battle royale game and PUBG Corporation developed it. This is a modified version of the Original PUBG APK. So, to be honest, it’s illegal to download an APK mod.

What is PUBG Mobile Mod APK?

By the way, PUBG MOBILE MOD APK doesn’t need any description due to its popularity, but I would still like to give you the best of my knowledge about this game. PUBG is a great game and if you’ve never played it. Try it at least once, you will fall in love with the game.

A few months ago, people went crazy for PUBG and that hasn’t changed yet. Graphics, sound quality, and many other features attract players to this game. PUBG game is available for PC, Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android. It is available for almost all devices.

If you have a windows laptop, you can play this game too. Use apple phones or laptops and want to play PUBG. This is also available for you. So this means that being a game lover, you will never be disappointed with PUBG. PUBG developer cares about anything that can give players a bad experience.

You can play this game without paying a single penny. This game is completely free for everyone. Anyone who wants to play can just download and install it and enjoy this game. A player can also download it for PC for the best experience. People are spreading a myth around us that PUBG is dangerous for its players. I would like to clarify that PUBG is not dangerous at all.

Difference between PUBG and PUBG MOD:

Many players only know the original PUBG APK. But I explained the PUBG MOBILE MOD APK here. In this section, we will explain some differences between PUBG and PUBG Hack.

PUBG Mobile APK:

When you will play using PUBG APK. Once you get hit by the players against you, your health will drop and you will die if you haven’t used the health kit or medkit.

You must therefore be ready to go further in the battle. If you get hit and hit by someone, you can call your friends to revive you, also you can chat and chat while playing this game, thanks to its great features, it is one of the most played games in the world

This is great, I mean you will be in battle if you have PUBG MOBILE MOD APK on your phone. You can get unlimited health, unlimited UC, unlimited money, and unlimited everything.

Most PUBG players use PUBG APK on their phone. You can have fun. You can kill them easily using PUBG MOBILE MOD APK. And enjoy your winning chicken dinner.

Attractive PUBG Names:

Are you using your real name on PUBG? If so, then you are not an attractive person to yourself. We have shared over 1000 PUBG names that can make your PUBG profile attractive. Then get a PUBG name for yourself. If you’ve already picked a good name, share this list with your friends.


The functionality of PUBG MOBILE MOD APK may amaze you. If a person has never played PUBG before, they can also move on to battle. Well, we’ve covered a lot of features of this game below. I advise you to read them. These features will help you understand this game. If you understand its characteristics, you will start playing like a professional player.

1. Wallhack:

If you like to play PUBG, you will have a lot of fun in this version because this PUBG MOBILE MOD APK has the Wallhack feature. This is a feature that will never get you lost in PUBG. Do you know why? Wallhack means looking through the wall or knowing what is through the wall. With the help of this feature, you can kill your enemies very easily no matter where they are hidden. Because if your enemy is hiding behind a wall and is plotting to kill you, you will be able to see him using the Wallhack feature, and before he fires, you will kill him.

2. Automatic aim:

You don’t have to have unlimited chicken dinner balls in this game, because in these mobile hacks from PUBG you will get advanced features like auto-aim and aimbot. With the help of these features, you can stack your anime in a single fire without wasting ammo. The Aimbot feature automatically targets the player playing against you, and the Aimbot feature automatically shoots and kills your enemy. With the help of this feature, you can win the game every time without straining your brain too much.

3. Unlimited unified communications:

Don’t have a Royal Pass and still want to get new skins and clothes? Don’t worry, my friend, the PUBG MOBILE MOD APK Unlimited UC feature is available in this game. With the help of this feature, you will get unlimited unified communications. With which you can buy new outfits, gun skins, bike or vehicle skins, etc. For yourself without spending real money. So what are you waiting for now? Go and download PUBG Mobile MOD APK

4. Realistic weapons:

You will also get it in a regular PUBG game. The peculiarity of this game is that everything feels real. There seems to be a virtual world in the PUBG game. In there are things like flying in a plane and talking to friends created in PUBG.

Besides, in this game, you can also collect weapons in houses, and venture out with friends by driving cars, bicycles, planes, and boats. The game is great to play. Once you play, you will go crazy for PUBG Games. I’m not saying this, basically, because millions of people have already created their world in PUBG.

How to Install PUBG Mobile Mod Apk:

1- Uninstall the play store version of the PUBG mobile app if you already have it installed on your device. (Important)

2- Open your device settings, go to Security, and enable unknown sources.

3- Download PUBG Mobile Mod APK and Falcon Patcher and install them. (“Allow from this source” if requested)

4– Open the Falcon S19 Patcher application

5- Click on Global and it will download the file (do not rename)

6- After downloading, click on Active Pacher and Black Sky

7- Click on Start Patcher (the PUBG application will open)


So this article was about PUBG Mobile Mod APK. I hope you have downloaded your beloved game to your phone and enjoy playing it. Tell me if you encountered any problems while downloading, so I can fix it for you. You can also share this post with your friends. If you want them to play PUBG with a hacked version.

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