Minion Rush Mod Apk v9.0.0h (Unlimited Money/Free Shopping)

Minion Rush Mod Apk

App Name
Minion Rush
Latest Version
PublisherGameloft SE.
RequirementsAndroid 5.1
Size103 MB

Minion Rush Mod Apk – The game is based on the Minions, the best-selling characters from the infamous 3D animation Despicable Me franchise. The game passed down all of the characters’ personalities, concepts, and skills. Get ready for a sense of uncontrolled hilarity and colorful 3D cartoon graphics.

This is one of the best runner games, based solely on running and leaderboards. The game is a Gameloft SE, with the same interface and plot as Subway Surfers and Temple Run. The advanced game graphics allow you to experience the minions realistically and learn all about them.

To get deeper into the world of Minion Rush, download Minion Rush now.

What is minion rush mod apk?

minion rush mod apk is the most popular action game that you can download for free. It was developed by Gameloft SE and uploaded in June 2013. There are almost 50 million users of the Minion rush at this time. You have to run and collect bananas and money in this Minion Rush MOD APK to buy new characters. You can use many tools, but they are all locked. There is an endless path to run through.

But if you do not wish to invest so much time in this game. Because unlocking each character and tool takes too long. Don’t worry, we have Minion Rush for you. This mod will unlock all the things and give you unlimited money.

You can also try the Mod APK developed by our devoted team for the same game – Minion Rush MOD APK. It’s an incredible Android game that offers almost all the premium features free of charge, including unlimited money, an unlocked interface, and an ad-free application. Alternatively, you can try Minion Rush MOD APK developed by our dedicated team, which offers almost all premium features at no cost, such as unlimited money, an unlocked interface, and ad-free play.

Minion Rush MOD APK Features:

  • Detailing in-Depth:

A stunning graphic design contributes to its allure. This means you can play the game with confidence, knowing that the characters you control are just like those on the big screen. In addition, the game’s context reflects everyday sights such as the house, the street, and the factory, creating amusing situations. If you’re a fan of the Despicable Me franchise, you’ll recognize those sequences. The obstacles that appear in the game are related to the content seen by the audience. In the past few years, the yellow monsters – Minions – have conquered the hearts of many gamers.

  • Discover the beauty of the 3D gaming environment:

The gameplay of Minion Rush is similar to Temple Run or Subway Surfer. To avoid colliding with the obstacle, run until you cannot control yourself anymore. Your success is determined by the distance you have covered. As the speed increases, the obstacles will become easier to avoid; however, it will be safe at first. Your character’s pace will gradually increase as you reach certain milestones, and distance measurement will become faster.

You will accomplish your goals faster the longer you live, not to mention the boosters you will receive along the way will dramatically increase your score. It is an interesting profession to pick up gold coins in addition to trying to stay afloat. If you run so that the character touches the gold coin, you will receive it into your fund.

  • Costumes & Power-up:

There are several types of power-ups, each of which performs a specific function within the game. In addition to harvesting bananas, eliminating barriers, and attacking other minions and bosses, your Minion may use them to attack other minions and bosses.

It is not just the clothes your Minion wears that make up his or her costume. Minion costumes have different stats and abilities that help him complete his assignments. There are not only diverse dashes of style in the outfits, such as the overalls from the movie but also fresh designs incorporated with each generation.

There are bananas, dollars, tokens, and costume cards that can be used to purchase costumes or win them as rewards. To earn costume cards, tokens, and reward pods, you’ll need to complete new minor tasks every day.

Power-ups built into the costumes serve specific purposes. The power-ups can be activated at any time once they are fully charged. When you jump, slide, and dodge obstacles, you charge your powers. While on the move, collect bananas and pick up power-ups to increase the charging time. It is important to keep in mind that any power-up you pick up while sprinting only lasts for five seconds.

  • Various modes of playing:

The game features not only a standard single-player mode but also a special mission option in which players must acquire specific items at specific locations throughout the race. This type of mission has six stages, unlike ordinary missions that are accessible from rooms. Throughout the mission, you will receive different items, and at the end of the mission, you will receive a special mission prize pod, fever, and cash.

If To compete with other gamers around the world, practice in the training mode and create your own Minion. Winning a race or beating a friend will advance you on the world leaderboard.

  • Earn bananas:

The most common form of cash is bananas. It allows users to buy really amusing costumes for their minions. A lot of the clothing is familiar from the show, but there are some new and distinctive ones as well. There are different types of benefits associated with each costume in Minion Rush. Bonuses can be earned by picking up more bananas, extending all improvements, and many other things. It takes a long time to save for costumes. In this way, consumers can save money for several months to buy the clothes they want. Some assignments can be rewarded for completing them in a specific outfit.

  • An unlimited amount of money:

Minion Rush uses gaming currency for its free-to-play online gameplay. It takes hundreds of coins to unlock even one costume or power-up. You must exert the most effort within the game to get even one coin or diamond. We’re here to provide you with endless gaming cash, so you won’t have to worry when you install the Minion Rush MOD APK. Isn’t that amazing? Give it a try and see what you think!

  • Shopping for free:

The unlimited money, however, won’t allow you to do anything unless you gain levels and power-ups. The Minion Rush MOD APK includes a fully unlocked shopping menu, enabling you to pick up any outfit for free, including Spy Guru, Vacationer, Vampire, and Worker.

  • Add free experience:

Almost every official Android game contains advertisements, which are unavoidable annoyances. The No-ad script and Zero-interrupt policy are our primary focus in order to offer you a non-interruptive gaming interface free of charge. The Minion Rush MOD APK will not disturb you while you play the game or make purchases.

How to Install Minion Rush MOD APK on Android?

The first thing you should do is remove any previous version of this game from your device. In settings, click on security, then click on Unknown Sources (just in case the installation fails).

Mod APK files for this app are easy to install. Installing this app on an Android device is as simple as following these steps.

  • To download, click on the download button below.
  • Open the file once it has completed downloading
  • You will need an Android device to install the app.
  • Make sure you follow all the instructions inside.
  • Upon installing, start the app and enjoy its amazing features.

Minion Rush MOD APK for PC: How do I install it?

Minion Rush is very easy to install on a PC. Alternatively, you can use NOX player or Bluestacks. This is how it works.

  • In order to run any mobile application on your PC, you need to download and install the Bluestacks player, which is an android emulator.
  • Our site has a mod apk you can download after installing the emulator.
  • The file needs to be executed or imported from Windows after downloading.
  • Once the installation is complete, click the launch button to begin using it.

Pros and Cons of Minion Rush Apk Mod:


  • There are a lot of adventurous levels in this cute game.
  • Taking on challenging obstacles in running games.
  • It’s fun to play with minions in all types of weather.
  • Play with cute minion characters.
  • Coins and bananas can be earned as rewards.


  • It is necessary to have an internet connection in order to play the game.
  • Teleportation boosters are your only option for controlling minion speed.
  • There is a noticeable difference between the characters in this game and those in other running games.
  • The game is filled with advertisements, so free play is difficult.
  • Although it’s an online game, you have to download everything from Baban APK like other android apps.


There are many fans of the Minion cartoon or just fans of dynamic running games who will enjoy Minion Rush. You will definitely enjoy this app if you want to plunge into the funny world of minions. Additionally, here you can combine business with pleasure and play with friends. Run at full speed, collect your favorite treats, and overcome various obstacles along the way. Compete against other users in various mini-games and explore locations from your favorite cartoons. The place will not bore you in general. We hope you enjoy this comprehensive article about this game, as well as playing the game from our site.

Frequently Asked Questions About Minion Rush

  • How does Minion Rush’s piggy bank work?

Tokens and Coins are accumulated in the Piggy Bank when they are spent in the Shop. It is possible to collect all Tokens at any time by paying.

  • Is it possible to play Minion Rush without missions?

Minion Rush’s Rush Avoiding preset is now called Avoid missions. Players no longer need to rush to avoid using a power-up in the current edition (for example, Run for time with the Freeze Ray and Avoid Despicable Actions).

  • Minion Rush has secret areas, where can you find them?

A few Jelly Lab location secret areas include Gru’s Lab: Disco Room, Minion Beach (none, just a big slide), Prison: Prison Rooftop, Residential Area: Three houses, El Macho’s Lair: Purple liquid, Minion Beach screenshots, Super Silly Fun Land: Roller Coaster, Vector’s Fortress: Vector’s Room.

  • What is the process for unlocking characters in Minion Rush?

There are several ways to obtain costume cards. Obtaining them requires completing assignments in Rooms 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as daily and special missions. You can also find them in Prize Pods or purchase them in the Shop for banana cents.

  • In Minion Rush, what are coins used for?

Bananas and Tokens are used to purchase virtual goods in the game, such as costume cards in the Shop and costume cards for unlocking/upgrading costumes in the Wardrobe.

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