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NameIbomma app
Current Version2.1
RequiresAndroid 5.0+
Size14.3 MB

Ibomma app provides the finest and most extensive collection of films you can download for Android devices. Download and stream your favorite Telugu films with this app specifically created for film lovers. Every one of your favorite Telugu films is free to download.

You can pick from a variety of countries that are famous for entertainment exclusively. India has a wide range of industries and Hollywood and is the world’s most popular entertainment and entertainment hub. We have made a selection of Indian entertainment for all of you.

There are numerous entertainment options available in India, which is a thriving Asian country. There are various industries, each of which has unique content depending on its place of operation.

Telugu is the dialect and leisure style associated with Telugu, the State of Telugu situated to the south of Southeastern India. Due to this, many people are not averse to watching Hindi or English films but help their culture enjoy themselves instead.


Telugu movie download links are available through the Ibomma website, similar to Tamiltrockers and Junior Course.

The site is designed to make downloading films, web series, web series, and other mobile-friendly content on smartphone devices as simple as possible. At present, there is no evidence that the site is working because they say that the Government of India has blocked access to it. With a different URL and address, they can be back online immediately. This page, therefore, needs to be carefully examined.

You can now quickly gain access to the top collection of Telugu entertainment by downloading Iboma APK. Users can select from a variety of films for their convenience and enjoyment.

If you are looking to access the most recent movies released, You should think about the iBOMMA Android platform. It provides easy access to the most current films. Users can access a vast selection of entertainment shows using this application.

Films are available on the platform using the various categories accessible to users. Apart from comedy films, action films and romantic films are also produced by the industry.


Download Ibomma Telugu Movies Torrent is a favorite for downloading movies, and viewers can download films, web series, and more from this site. Check out ibomma Telugu Movie Download Features.
Home Website ibomma Telugu Download Movies allows users to download movies at no cost.
Ibom Telugu Movies Download offers an entire range of Telugu films. Sinus films dubbed
One of the best advantages of ibomma is its live-streaming feature. Anyone who does not wish to download their movies can stream live-streamed films on this site.
Apart from the movie, you can download numerous other items from this website, like popular web series, videos, television series, episodes, cartoons, animated films, and cartoons, among others.
Songs can be downloaded via iBomma. If you love listening to new songs or older films, you can save them to the most suitable audio format from this site.


Ibomma’s downloads of videos hurt the film industry’s revenues since copyright holders aren’t paid since the customers of these websites don’t go to cinemas to see films. In the past, ibomma has leaked many blockbuster movies from the very initial day it began production. Download Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi, South Indian dub, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films for free by visiting one of the websites below.

4th of July Movies
Download the hub
Today P.K.
Tamil Rockers
Geo Rocker
Kotha films
Kutty films


The best choice is to download directly through your web browser. Below is an informative guide to downloading APK files.
Click the Download button beneath.
Then you’ll be taken to the page to download. There are two options for downloading APK files, download the APK files or download them through the Play Store.
Tap Download APK to download it.
The confirmation screen will appear according to the preferences of your browser.
Click Download again to save it to your device.


The app can be downloaded in any form via third-party websites. They might have archived apps of all versions, and you can download the version you require.
The download process is quick, and, unlike the play store, you do not have to wait for the verification process, etc.
You’ll have an APK file saved to the memory card or system memory after it is downloaded. This means you can remove and install it as many times, without downloading.


Apps downloaded from third-party sources typically aren’t verified by Google. It could cause harm to your device.
APK files may contain malware that can delete data from your phone or alter the phone’s settings.
Your apps won’t be automatically updated as Google Play Store doesn’t have access to it.


Q. Is it possible to download it at no cost?

Ans. Yes! Users don’t have to pay a penny to download this file.

Q. Can it be used safely?

Ans. Yes! Security threats of all kinds were eliminated. The worm was fixed.

Q. What is the matter with advertisements?

Ans. No advertisements will be displayed when using this version.

Q. What exactly is APK Download?

Ans Answer: Ans: APK extension is utilized for an Android package kit and the format used in the installation of Android. Android software (such as EXE files for Windows). If you’re looking for installing an APK, It is necessary to manually download and install the file (a process known as “sideload”).


If you’re looking to install this app and install it, then you’re at the right spot. We’ll provide the fastest download process and the latest version of the app with you, everyone. Click on the download button, which can be found on the right and left of the page. The Download will begin automatically within a couple of minutes. I hope that you enjoy this post and that you send it to your social media friends like Facebook, WhatsApp, youtube, and other social networks to let them get the App for Ibom.

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