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NameHungry Dragon
Compatible with4.16.0
Latest version4.0
DeveloperUbisoft Entertainment
Size128 MB

Hungry Dragon Mod APK is a contemporary version – Mod for Android in case you need to be a dragon on this thrilling global complete of magical creatures!

Description of Hungry Dragon :

Ever questioned what it’s like if dragons have been proper? That could be a nightmare to look at. But how approximately when you have a dragon? How could existence be? Meet Hungry Dragon through Ubisoft – a sport that’s focused around this premise.

In this informal sport, you’ve got a dragon that’s hungry all the time. This sport may be very lax and appropriate for nearly every age. With over 10 million installations in Google Play alone, this sport is as addictive as it’s amusing. So, what precisely is the hype all approximately? Let’s locate out!

Become A Dragon’s Friend :

You’ve got an adorable, however lethal dragon buddy known as Nibbler in the Hungry Drago. But not like different dragons, Nibbler continually desires to consume as his call suggests. He eats big birds, small animals, and other animals that he comes across. If he could, he’ll even swallow the mountains and the sun.

Your assignment is to help your buddy Nibbler in Hungry Dragon Mod Apk consume as many animals to live to tell the tale. Because while Nibbler doesn’t have something to drink, he weakens and can starve to death. Don’t permit that to happen! There are signs in the sport to how tons your Dragon has left and what sort of he wishes to consume to live to tell the tale. Of course, the extra Nibbler eats, the more healthy he becomes. In this other manner, he becomes more immense. However, there are living creatures that you need to be careful about. These creatures are frightening and could simplest endanger Nibbler if eaten wrongly.

Aside from that, your Dragon additionally has capabilities you could set off. As you permit Nibbler to consume extra, he’ll advantage excess electricity. When the electricity bar is complete, you could boom your pace or breathe out the hearth place to immediately trap prey.

Features of Hungry Dragon Mod Apk:

Hungry Dragon is a wholly unique and amusing manner to skip your time. It’s extraordinarily comfortable; however, it gives limitless opportunities and gameplay.

But to be able to respect the sport, permit’s check what it provides:

Collect Gold Cash:

In this sport, as you consume creatures, you stumble upon gold coins as well. Try to accumulate as lots of them as they’re used to liberating different dragons on this sport. Also, the extra you consume, the quicker your Dragon will evolve.

Different Sorts Of Dragons:

The sport now no longer only one or, however, up to ten dragons species. Each Dragon is as particular because of the stars with inside the universe. They have exclusive shades and species and their appearance is complete too.

Intuitive Manage Scheme:

In this sport, you mustn’t fear approximately intricate management schemes. That’s due to the fact Hungry Dragon gives smooth controls with only a manage button to direct your Dragon. Then, you merely faucet the electricity button to set off the capabilities of the Dragon along with hearth place respiratory. It’s as much as you how to persuade your Dragon to trap a couple of preys immediately and cross on a hearthplace-respiratory rampage.

Stunning Graphics:

In Hungry Dragon, your Dragon is the famous person on the show. Each Dragon is superbly crafted to perfection, displaying all its excellent moves in 3D. The history and the alternative factors contribute to the sport’s general aesthetic that’s fascinating to the eyes. There also are consequences of being able to depart you speechless along with the hearth place and different matters.

Evolve And Customize your Dragons:

In proper gaming fashion, you could customize your Dragon’s costumes. These don’t impact your gameplay; however, it does upload a piece of a flare to the sport.

Tips for Playing Hungry Dragon:

At first look, this could appear to be a smooth sport to play. After all, you want to consume to be able to live to tell the tale, right? Theoretically, however, in reality, there are tons of different critical matters to consider. If you don’t, you’ll be out in no time. So, right here are the hints that will help you play Hungry Dragon:

Switch To Tilt Mode:

Controlling the Dragon on this sport is an extraordinarily smooth way to the digital d-pad. But did you recognize that you could make it even simpler and, for that reason, making your Dragon quicker? How? By switching to tilt mode as your management scheme. In this mode, in place of manoeuvring your Dragon in the usage of your d-pad, you list the display to visit the path you need your Dragon to cross. Doing this permits you to manipulate your dragon extra easily and quickly.

Use Your Raise Effectively:

In this sport, you could use the raise to boom your Dragon’s pace even in the air. It would help if you used your raise while you are chasing broad goals that come up with enormous rewards. In this manner, you get to maximize your raise and fast consume the one’s scrumptious creatures. Or, you must use your raise while your Dragon is being attacked, and also, you need to break out fast to keep away from even damage.

Avoid Toxic Gadgets And Mines:

In Hungry Dragon Mod Apk, now no longer the lot is edible. We want it to have been so that the sport could be substantially simpler right? But it’s now no longer, and also you must be privy to the matters floating. Also, avoid mines, in case you see one, avoid it immediately. Also, there are toxic spiders and plant life around them. Be sure to convey a puppy to lessen poison damage.

Partake In Tournaments:

To earn extra rewards, you must take part in time-confined games. So, the longer you live to tell the tale through consuming creatures and keeping off danger, the different tips you’ll get. Try to live to tell the story so long as you could in this mode to get to the leaderboards’ pinnacle. Also, the rewards you’ll get hold of will rely pretty upon your rank. So, as you rank higher, you’ll get hold of extra tips while you play on this mode.

How To Install:

Go to Settings → Security → Unknown Sources → Turn it ON.
Download from the hyperlink under the download section
Locate the File withinside the garage of the device.
Tap at the app and defloration the Mod Apk.
Enjoy the Hack!


For the primary time, Tips and Tricks for Hungry Dragon, this time optimistically beneficial for those who’re nevertheless novices in this sport. See you at Tips and Tricks the subsequent week! Happy Playing! With the assist of Hungry Dragon cheats, you may play extra aggressively without worry that the Dragon will starve to death. You also can release dragons and purchase all the superb Dragon!


1. Is Hungry Dragon Offline?

Ans: Offline survival sport: dominate the ocean. Action, fun & rampage await! Sea Monster City has an ocean monster, construct an underwater home, and construct your City. Collect dragons, teach them for battle, and grow to be a legend in our delusion city!

2. Who Made The Hungry Dragon?

Ans: Hungry Dragon is a spin-off sport of the Hungry Shark series; each evolved through Ubisoft.

3. When Did Hungry Dragon Come Out?

Ans: Advertised as an “action-packed beat-em-up” sport, Hungry Dragon these days obtained a launch date: August 30. The sport can be had at no cost on each Android and iOS platform, so you may be capable of downloading it both from the Google Play Store or App Store.

4. What Is The Quickest Manner To Get Cash In Hungry Dragon?

Ans: The fastest way to earn lots of money is to finish any of the missions you may view earlier than the beginning of a run. These missions will usually contain a project together with scoring a complementary range of factors or using your Fire Rush a lively range of times.

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