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Download FiLMic Pro Mod APK With the cinematographer kit – Latest Version free for Android. Use tons of different editing and effects to create the perfect and professional HD manual video camera.

FiLMiC Pro MOD APK modifies FiLMiC Pro’s features. This app was developed by developers not associated with FiLMiC Pro’s parent company Blackmagic Design. So, this app allows you to adjust the aperture to control depth-of-field and other settings to enhance video quality. This app was designed to be easy to use on any Android device that has FiLMiC Pro. You can try out exciting tweaks to improve your videos, or you want more control over the depth of focus on your subject matter.

The most straightforward and most intuitive app for editing and video making. FiLMic Pro Android includes all the tools you need to create and adjust amazing videos to share with others. Other acknowledgments and rewards can support these claims. Best Video Camera App: The Best App Ever Awards, along with TUAW and Editors’ Pick. FiLMic for Android is a well-respected application that every Android user should own. If you don’t have it, make sure to add this app to your Android library.


NameFiLMiC Pro Mod APK
 Compatible withNov 13, 2021
 Compatible withAndroid 6.0+
Size93.33 MB
MODPro Unlocked
DeveloperFiLMiC Inc.


Dual arc slider controls. These controls can be used to adjust the focus and exposure.
You can also get some excellent zoom rocker controls.
You can create many custom presets that can be used to balance white lights and other aspects of your videos.
It is straightforward to use. You can easily adjust, fine-tune and record your videos with simple content management options.
Keep the top of your favorite clip of mind and make it easy to log them.
You can also upload multiple videos at once.


These are the essential additions we believe every videocam should have. These are included in the FiLMic Pro apps:

Many shooting styles can be used to suit the skill level of the individual. There are three types of shooting styles: Standard, Hybrid, and Manual.
You can also choose different orientations for your videos. You can choose to view your videos in landscape or portrait, depending on your situation.
Features that speed zoom.
You can create smooth videos at different frame rates. You can go 60, 120, and even 240 FPS. This will all depend on your mobile device’s specs and hardware.
Speed effects can be used to show different moments in your video. Both slow motion and fast motion are included in the FiLMic Pro Video Maker App.
Speed is not the only variable. Users should also be able to manipulate time. Time-lapse mode is another feature.
Stabilization can also reduce noise in your recordings. This is an essential addition to dynamic video production.
You should also have the ability to adjust your video settings after recording. The app allows you to adjust exposure, saturation, color, and tint, and contrast.
A videocam should have many other features.


These are the Pro features that can be purchased for just $17
You can adjust the lighting using the live shadow and highlight fixing options.
Are your saturation levels not the best? These can be instantly updated with live adjustments to vibrance and RPG.
You can choose from different gamma control options: Dynamic, Log, Natural, or Flat.


To install, you need first to allow your phone to install 3rd party apps. Go to Settings -> Security (maybe under “More” on some devices) and check the box for Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.
Now, click on the download link below and choose “Direct Download” to save it directly to your phone: Filmic Pro v4.0 Apk (2.3 MB) or use this QR code:
Touch the downloaded file and choose Package Installer when prompted by your file manager to begin the installation. (I use the Solid Explorer File Manager.
To ensure correct installation, make sure you do not use the “Unknown sources” checkbox when prompted by your file manager or Anti-virus app.
Once installed, you can find Filmic Pro in your App Drawer.
Launch it and choose whether to import or start fresh with a new camera profile. In this example, I will choose to start fresh and import later.
Now that you have chosen an import option, select your camera make and model from the list of supported devices.
After selecting your specific device/camera model, choose RAW as your recording format if available for your particular device. If you desire a compressed format for a more straightforward upload/conversion, choose H264 instead of RAW, and your file size will be greatly reduced.
Now that we have our recording format selected, we can choose our resolution and frame rate. In this example, I am selecting 60fps at 2160p (4k). It is essential to know that different phones will support different resolutions. If you wish to use the exact answer on all of your devices, choose the native resolution of your phone first and then create a new camera profile for other devices.


As a movie fanatic, I am always searching for better ways to watch my favorite films. Recently, I came across FiLMiC Pro Mod APK and was intrigued by all of its features.  With this app, you can download movies from numerous sources, including YouTube or Google Play Store, with ease. You may also be interested in the fact that it is compatible with Android and iOS devices which means you can use it anywhere without losing out on any functionality! The latest version adds interesting new features such as subtitles support for over 50 different languages, making international audiences very happy! This is just one more reason why FiLMiC Pro Mod APK deserves your attention if you love watching movies like me. Check it

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