Download Whatsapp Plus Apk

Amazing Features Of  WhatsApp plus Trendy Model:

Hide online status:

You can cover online reputation so that you may be shown offline for your friends even though you’re online.

Hide blue ticks:

You can disguise blue ticks for contacts and institutions even in case you read the message

Hide second tick:

You can cover 2d ticks for contacts and organization so that your buddy can’t see the second tick also though the word gets to you

Hide writing tick:

You can disguise writing Tick for contacts and groups while you are typing a message however your pal can’t see the typing fame

Hide recording status:

You can cover recording Status for communications and group while you were recording voice

Hide blue microphone:

You can conceal Blue Microphone for touches and organization while sending a voice message

Hide view status:

You can disguise view popularity for contacts so that your call will now not appear even when you have visible the fame of your buddies

Send Large Files WhatsApp plus cutting-edge model lets you change the dimensions limit of documents from 2, to 50MB. There also are many alternatives to improve the dimensions and quality of the images and videos.

Stylish Visible Issues:

The most fantastic function of WhatsApp plus APK is you may entirely change the look and sense of WhatsApp by choosing particular patterns visible issues. There are over 700 loose issues that can be directly secured up from WhatsApp plus, and they’re free of cost.





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