Download VLC APK

Features of VLC APK :

Enjoy the Uninterrupted Entertainment

Picture in Picture Support :

Now watch your favored films, videos, and limitless song simultaneously as the usage of every other app at a time with VLC’s photo in the photo feature.

Platform Integration :

Now, to be had on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms with limitless integration and rapid consumer interface enabled.

Bluetooth Access :

Can play videos andmp4’s, mp3’s now together along with your favorite and up-to-date Bluetooth headsets.

Flag Notices :

Sends a notification while unsuitable or corrupted video record founds with inside the tool earlier than it reasons damage to the cell

Edit Notifications :

You can pick out whatever notification you want to get from the tool, no icky stuff from now !!!

Cloud Services :

Get all of your song and films garages now be secure on our cloud offerings released on little gadgets for the beta




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