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                      True Skate Apk Features:


As opposed to other skate games the player is in charge of a skateboard and not an athlete. You can control the speeding skateboard by using your fingers, as you try to stabilize it and keep the board from flipping. Move your fingers backward to push the skateboard forward. Then tap the screen to perform the necessary motions. If you’re able to skateboard, you’ll be able to do a variety of tricks, including kickflips and backsides.

There Are A Variety Of Terrains:

The ultimate goal of every skateboarder is to master dangerous street conditions like staircases and railings. True Skate is a massive expansive park that has everything you can imagine. Before we get into how to become becoming professional skaters, I believe it is best to start with smaller, flat obstacles.

True Skate has plenty to offer. The majority of your time playing the game, exploring new places, and learning new skateboarding skills. Numerous chores allow skaters to play games with greater ease. Skateboarding tournaments can be an exciting method to compete with other skateboarders online.

A Deck That Can Be Personalized:

You’ll be able to modify the design of your deck to your liking in case you want to show your style by skating. If you decide that the old ones aren’t appealing anymore then you can just wipe off any paint left and apply new designs. Be aware that scrubbing your deck excessively can result in the paint fading in time.

There Are Many Skate Parks:

When you begin the game, you’ll be given access to a beautiful skate park, with a variety of rails, ledges, and steps for you to practice on. However, by using the True Skate APK, you can get access to unlocking parks at no cost. Keep an eye on the game’s launch in the next few days.

Rewind And Then Slow Motion:

If you’ve just completed an amazing move or challenging challenge and would like to go back and review the experience with True Skate’s slow-motion and rewind options are here to assist. You can easily rewatch your amazing moves hundreds of times by simply swiping and tapping. You can also reverse the slow-motion at any time. If you’re satisfied with your achievements you’ll be able to keep the records to use for future assessments.

Unlocked In-App Purchases:

In-app purchases within the game are unlimited slow motion unlocking all missions, unlimited color wheel variations unlimited skateboard packs, and many more items that have to be purchased through the game store. Once having downloaded True Skate Apk, you’ll be able to access everything you have on your account at no cost.

Within Sandbox Mode, Practice:

Before beginning each of the tasks you’ll need to master your techniques – that is, you must have achieved certain moves until their second nature to you. In sandbox mode, players can try and perfect these skills as often as they’d like. We recommend that you stay in sandbox mode till you’ve completed the basic moves and are proficient enough in some of the more complicated ones.

The Medal System In Detail:

A gold medal signifies that you completed a task with 100% accuracy. A silver medal indicates that you have completed the task with 85-99 percent accuracy. A bronze medal signifies that you accomplished an assignment with 70-84 percent accuracy. We’d like to use this occasion to remind you that being 100% precise on your mission is an arduous achievement So don’t aim for the gold too soon, you’ll add too much pressure on yourself.

Ascending The Stairs:

Steps are part of the skating park(s) within True Skate, and they aren’t there in the absence of the chance to utilize the steps. Take advantage of some speed when you attempt to climb stairs, then move the screen gently starting from your middle and then back. This allows you to leap into the air and safely land onto the step. Make sure that your board is level before you get to the ground.




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