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Toca Life World Apk series comprises Toca Life City, Toca Life Vacation, Toca Life Neighborhood, Toca Life Hospital, and much more. If you go through one of them, you’ll find Toca Life World very familiar! Why? It’s really fun. It is possible to design characters or combine multiple locations from different releases!


Toca Life World is aimed toward children aged 3-to-12 years old, which means the content is adorable.

Without restrictions, you are free to play anything, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. Doing a hairstyle for your teenage grandmother, teasing someone else, or simply being with friends.

In this playground, you can freely make your tale with other characters. Go to your doctor’s hair salon to color your hair red, take pets to school, or bring your pet to the skateboarding park. Don’t hesitate and discover the wonderful world in Toca, The Lifeworld!

You can connect with nearly everything around you. Draw funny designs onto the whiteboard. Make tea for the librarian, and switch the posters. Sometimes, the game may be accompanied by funny characters hiding in disguise as clowns. They are there, however, and for free is a blast.

Selling on play is my favorite job. I can wear whatever clothes I would like to wear for children. Serving drinks, food, or even helping the kids score in basketball games. It is also possible to experience these kinds of jobs!

Explore the world of a giant:

Toca Life World is an amalgamation of all the versions of the Toca Life series.

At present, Toca Life World has more than 8 locations, which include shopping centers, hairdressers, food courts apartment buildings… In the beginning, you’ll be in the largest and most vibrant region, Bop City. Over 39 kinds of characters await you to discover.

If the items I described aren’t satisfying, go to the store. The multi-purpose store has over 50 stores, over 300 characters, and 125 pet species available for purchase.

The game’s creator also promises to update more places, characters, and items soon. We’ll see what happens!

Daily presents:

When you log in each day, you’ll be presented with the chance to receive a surprise gift. The more times you sign in to the site, the more rewards you will receive. Sometimes, they can unlock special items that aren’t available in stores.


Toca Life World’s user interface is elegantly designed and features 2D-based graphics. A large background that includes numerous stores and apartments. They’re well-designed and accented by bright colors.

The characters are also extremely varied, with over 400 faces. They look gorgeous and have beautiful expressions.

Install Apk on Android or iOS Device:

  1. This section teaches you how to download and install the Apk on any Android device or iOS.
  2. Since it is an unidentified file, any device will have some difficulties installing it. Therefore, you must first be granted access to the device’s command section.
  3. To find the unknown source, follow these steps Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Allow Unknown Sources to download to install the Toca Life World Mod APK file.




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