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Tekken 5 Apk includes more than 11 features.  Below are the names of the features for the game.

·        STORY BATTLE:

The game also has an epic story battle. It allows players to learn and understand the story behind Tekken 5. The storyline of this game begins after the conclusion of the game Tekken 4. In this game, Heihachi Mishima announces tournament number 5. The overall game has gone through many modifications and changes.


It is a form of fight contest where players must make it through the final stage to win the match when they can unlock the new stage, and the game becomes more difficult than before.

·        TIME ATTACK:

This is the time attack is can also see on Tekken 4, but Improvement has been made to Tekken 5 game, and in this game, the character you pick at a particular period is the same as the other battles in the game.

·        BATTLE:

It is also an excellent combat game as the player can play against their chosen character.

·        TEAM BATTLE:

Tekken 5 game is the third-best mode where players must choose three characters to beat Cpu to win the game.


Tekken 5 game comes with thirty-two characters. I will provide some of the most popular characters that are part of Tekken 5.

Anna Williams.
Asuka Kazama.
Bryan Fury.
Christie Monteiro.
Craig Marduk.
Eddy Gordo.
Jin Kazama.
Julia Chang.
Kazuya Mishima.
Ling Xiaoyu.
Eddy Gordo.
Bruce Irvin.
Baek Doo San.
Marshall Law.
King II.


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