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A sidebar for your Android smartphone Sidebar Lite is a simple, light app that lets you change how your Android phone works in any way you want

Sidebars not only give more context or extra information but also break up the look of print media.  blocks of text that are hard to read and get in the way of a smooth reading flow. No longer do you have to have the sidebar. Many people avoid it, which lets the user focus more on the content. Used to be fixed.

What is a sidebar apk?

Sidebar Lite is an app that has won awards and lets you add apps to the sidebar of your device based on what you like. It’s quick, easy to use, and fluid, so it’s very user-friendly and straightforward. Sidebar Lite app makes it easy to pin up to eight apps to the sidebar at once. It starts as soon as you turn on your device, and if you get the Pro version, you can customize it by picking your favorite colors, level of opacity, sizes, and positions. The app has a lot of widgets to choose from, including home, WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth, brightness, torch, sounds, rotation, and more. It barely affects your battery life. The app is straightforward to use, which makes it great for people with different needs.


  1. Add your favorite contacts and apps.
  2. It’s easy to use ten switches.
  3. You can look at a contact’s call history in detail.
  4. Makes the interface easier to use.
  5. You can easily change the sidebar to fit your needs.
  6. Quick, helpful, friendly to users, and easy to use.
  7. The interface is simple and clean, and all users with different needs can use it.
  8. You can pick up to eight apps at once.
  9. You can make it your own by choosing the colors, sizes, and positions.
  10. There is a Pro version with a lot of extra features.
  11. It does not affect how long your battery will last.
  12. The most important things to look out for are:
  13. You can easily change the sidebar to fit your needs.
  14. It’s quick, helpful, easy to use, and user-friendly.
  15. Easy-to-use, clean interface that people with different needs can use
  16. You can pick up to eight apps at once
  17. Change the colors, opacity, sizes, and positions to make them your own.
  18. There is a Pro version with a lot of extra features.

How to install Sidebar APK?

On the page with information about the app, click the Install App button in the upper right corner.

Set the following things up:

  1. Title: Must Have. Enter a title or use the one that’s already there.
  2. Custom Field IDs are not required. If you want the app to suggest the value of custom ticket fields, separate their IDs with commas.
  3. You can choose to show keywords from the subject as search suggestions. Select this option if you want the app to suggest keywords based on the ticket.
  4. Select “Install.”
  5. When installing, refresh your browser page to see the changes.
  6. For the Sidebar Search app to work,
  7. Click the Apps button in the upper right corner of the ticket page to show the Sidebar Search app.
  8. Choose a basic search from the Search for drop-down menu and enter.
  9. Clicking on a search result will open the page in a new tab.


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