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PUBG Mobile features a distinct user interface for the Vietnamese version, compared to other versions. If you’ve played PUBG previously, you should not be concerned about this section. This map will be smaller than a map that was created for PUBG.
When you jump on the ground, you’ll be given a specific location at which you will fall from, without having the ability to be in control of it. Two unique weapons that are available in this version are sawed-off shotgun and Crossbow. The attachment to the weapon is changed to suit this particular version. So don’t try to copy your experience of other versions.
It is important to note that the original Red Zone and Blue Zone are not available with this update. You will be informed when an area closes or triggers by this mini-map. Also, you will get an audio message regarding the event.
The durability of the armor is diminished, so you can purchase more armors to lessen the damage you suffer when you’re in a vulnerable condition. Certain areas in the Erangel map have been altered. However, they are still the same as other versions of the map.
After the update, a few Vietnamese players encountered issues in sound effects, textures as well as other issues. The first release and I’m hoping that the developers fix it immediately.
It’s not DirectX and has low-quality graphics as of now. But, Vietnamese players have agreed that the game’s performance is fairly solid even on mid-range devices in comparison to a similar mobile game. This could be due to an easier interface.

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