Download PowerDirector Mod APK

Features of PowerDirector Mod APK :

1: Edit Background :

Change the Background of the video with the chroma key tools. you’ll use the chroma key tool to erase the background of the video and put a replacement background from your device media images.

2: Add Transition :

An animated effect between two clips of the video. Add transition effects to hitch two or more clips of the videos that provide your video’s elegant interface.

3: Slow Motion & Fast Motion :

You can make your video slow and fast also. Just click on your video clip, click on the speed, and then choose the rate you want and your video is prepared.

4: POP Mode :

Picture in Picture (PIP) is one of the foremost useful features of the facility director. you’ll add an image, video, and Text on the most video you want to edit.

5: Fx/Effects :

You can add Fx or effects within the video that create your video more attractive, making the cinematic shoot within the video.

6: Title Text :

you can add Text in between videos as a title, or you’ll add animation on the Text by choosing over 20 plus energy for the Title Text.

7: Stickers :

Like sticker is my favorite during this video editor app, but you’ll get 5 stickers default, and you’ll download more stickers and use it on your video like a professional.

8: Additional Features :

You can trim the clip of any video, you’ll add the background music, and you’ll also add an Image within the running video.



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