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Option to disable auto-text input [PLUS >> Special Setting Hide Automatic Text] You can find the Privacy settings in [PLUS >> Privacy].
You can hide the name or group of contacts/groups in the chat screen
A conversation card can be used to organize conversations.
Old User Interface
There are many more ticks
Additional Bubbles
Notification icons can be used in many different ways
You can choose from seven styles to change the look of your home screen.
Working with fonts at fas (70 fonts) and Change Fonts Stil (70 fonts).
You can hide the icon as well as the name of your app by choosing Launcher
You can show online or last seen signs on the Main Screen
Instead of sending 16MB, send a 50MB file.
You can send 90 photos in place of 10.
Instead of the 139 characters you currently have, add more than 250 characters.
Sharing links without saving sender numbers or admin numbers on chat screens
Click in links to see the status of your friends
The system must be able to distinguish between broadcasts and normal messages
You can hide the date and name when you send multiple messages.
Ability to encrypt text


You can increase the text’s size.
Three new shapes have been added to the main screen.
If you wish to use old Emojis, they are also available.
You can add your name to the home screen
Multiple Screens can be used as background
You can enhance the conversation with a variety of animation effects.
When you enter your message, auto-reply with text/email. (Autotext to Reply can also be configured to reply 10000 times).
It is now possible to send a message or make a call to an unknown number.
Different languages can be translated using the language translation feature.
Download Status and Stories now.
Group Broadcasting
Our Theme Server allows you to download and install themes.
You can use any font on ticks/bubbles with the ticks/bubbles style mod.
There are (13) different types of Bubbles and Ticks.
Counters can be grouped using group statistics
It’s an anti-ban version
The app supports audio- and video calls
You can hide your last seen and status
You have many privacy options.
If you do not want to receive notifications, enable Do Not Disturb mode
For those who are busy, the auto-reply feature can be very useful.
The Message Scheduler allows you to schedule messages.
Chats can also be hidden by users


This application can be downloaded in the same way as official WhatsApp. We have provided all information regarding how to download it on your phone. Let’s get to the point.

To download the Ne WhatsApp Android APK, first, click the link below.
Once you have downloaded it, make sure to give permission.
It will be installed. It is easy to log in using your number.
You can back up your WhatsApp chats by going into the settings and clicking on “Chat”. Is

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