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Features Of Megabox HD Apk :

The options of megabox HD are pretty, kind of like the opposite streaming giants. Let’s inspect a number of the nice features:

Choose Your Quality :

You have the liberty to settle on the standard at that you’d prefer to watch a motion picture or a program. You’ll be able to choose between up to a few choices that entirely depend upon your web property. Thus, you’ll be able to decide from 360P, 720P, and 1080P. Supported by the information you have got, you’ll be able to select a special quality.

Frequent Updates :

As mentioned earlier, the developers of Megabox HD perpetually update the app with new series and films. This enables you to observe the newest and also the best tv shows and films for complimentary. Not simply that with every update comes a particularly easy, super intuitive interface that simply catches your eye. Once you get won’t to Megabox, it’ll remain your humanoid phone for an extended time.

Linking with Calendars :

I would prefer to fancy F.R.I.E.N.D.S on The night or explosion Theory on Monday evening. Well, that’s not a dream any longer. Exploiting this app, you’ll be able to schedule the shows by marking the content together with your calendar. Simply enter the required content to a specific date, and it’ll prompt you of your initial plans. Isn’t that cool? As a result of most of the time, once stuck within the quandary of what to observe, we’ve no specific answers and find ourselves wasting 10-15 minutes simply wondering what we should always watch.

Noa lot of Buffering :

Megabox HD is meant for keeping user interest in mind. Its cloud storage helps to place all the tv shows, movies, documentaries, and alternative content in one place. Since the content is held on firmly on the servers, you’ll be able to fancy super-fast streaming services together with the TV Shows and films as a result of the simplest Cloud Storage facility.

Sharing Feature :

This may be a feature quite common in streaming apps. Still, not every app has that. If you would like to share a specific piece of content with your friend, you’ll be able to directly share it from inside the Megabox HD app. The sharing method is completely hassle-free.

Freedom to Rate :

If you’re somewhat kind of like the American state, you’d agree that you simply bank heavily on IMDB before looking at any content that you haven’t detected. And in this case, I’d like AN app that has AN in-built rating feature, therefore I don’t need to explore for ratings on Google. Megabox HD provides you the content description with AN in-built IMDB rating tool, therefore you don’t need to explore it.


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