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What is InstaUltra Apk:

InstaULTRA is a modified version of the official Instagram app. It has great features, like downloading Instagram photos, videos, and even stories. Users can copy even text from the Biography and comments. The app just came out, and we’re hoping that the developers will add more and more new features in the next updates.

Features of InstaUltra App:

  • Download images and videos:

If you’ve ever liked a photo on Instagram and wanted to save it to your gallery, but you had to take a screenshot and crop it, the InstaUltra app lets you do that automatically. Those times are over. With the newest version of InstaUltra, users can download high-resolution photos and videos with just one click.

  • Download Stories:

Have you ever wanted to blackmail a friend by downloading one of his stories? Just kidding, don’t do that. With InstaUltra, people can download the stories of anyone they want, and with one click, the story is saved as an image that can be shared with anyone.

  • Copy Bios and Comments:

We have a solution if you like a friend’s bio or comment and want to keep it but can’t because it’s too long. With InstaUltra, users can copy their friends’ bios and comments, which can be useful in some situations.

  • Audio Auto Play:

Have you ever been annoyed that the sound doesn’t play automatically when you watch a video on the official Instagram app? You have to click on the video to hear the sound, but if you use InstaUltra, you can change the settings so that the sound starts playing automatically when you start a video.

  • Links Support:

The most annoying thing to me is that people who use the official Instagram app can share links anywhere except on the Bio Page. If someone posts a link, it shows up as text, and we have to rewrite it in our browser. With InstaUltra, users can open the links without any trouble.

  • Hide Read Ticks in Direct Messages:

If you don’t want your friend to know that you’ve read their message, you can do this with InstaUltra. Go to InstaUltra Settings and turn on the option to do this. This is a pretty useful feature that was taken from Whatsapp mods.

  • Anti-Ban:

We know that most GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp users have been banned recently, and we don’t want our Instagram accounts to be banned. Because of this, the developers at InstaUltra have worked hard to make Anti-Ban work.

  • Hide View Status:

If you want to watch your friend’s story but don’t want them to know that you did, you can do this with InstaUltra. Yes, you can hide your view status with InstaUltra; this is awesome.

  • Zoom-in Profile Pictures:

One of the most annoying things about Instagram is that you can’t get a closer look at other people’s profile pictures. However, with InstaUltra, you can zoom in on the pictures of any person.

  • No-Root:

Usually, some of the great features in Modded versions require root access, but this isn’t the case with InstaUltra. Users can use this app for free and don’t even need root access on their devices.

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