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Features of GTA Vice City:

• Quality graphics:

The trailer reveals everything. The mobile version of GTA Vice City has premium graphics. The character models are pretty cool and the lighting effects act as the icing on the cake. You won’t see a big difference in graphics quality if you download and play this game on a quality mobile phone.

Whether it’s an iOS device or an Android smartphone, this game will work great. The graphics quality has led many people to buy and play this game on their devices.

• Custom orders:

It’s hard enough to stop you from buying guns and shooting those guns when playing GTA. You may find it a little boring if there are no weapons. Therefore, Rockstar Games provides Vice City with a lot of weapons.

The developers have equipped this game with perfectly matched shooting and target controls. You will have no difficulty in targeting and shooting the enemy. Don’t worry about the recoil because weapons don’t recoil in GTA Vice City.

• Customizable control arrangements:

Not everyone is comfortable with mobile games with two thumbs. Many people want to put their index finger into the action when playing an action-adventure game. GTA Vice City allows you to configure the controls however you like. You can easily customize the layout of the controls and define buttons wherever you want on the screen.

• With many fun missions:

GTA Vice City offers a huge campaign to complete. It is an open-world game and offers players many opportunities to lead the main protagonist to his or her destiny in the game. It is a long journey and now you have the chance to enjoy this journey on your mobile device. There will be simple, normal, and difficult missions. Each mission will reveal a new character and unlock new features in the game, so you should keep completing these missions instead of fighting on the streets with NPCs.

• It is compatible with the wireless gamepad:

If you are not playing on your smartphone due to the on-screen controls causing problems, you can play GTA Vice City with a wireless controller. This game is compatible with the MoGa wireless controller. You can also control the characters in this game using a USB gamepad.

However, the on-screen controls are quite responsive. You won’t miss any video game controllers or joysticks while playing this game. This game features immersive touch effects, which means you can feel the controls on your smartphone screen. It allows you to control the character’s movements without looking at those little controls.

• Supports multiple languages:

You can play GTA Vice City on your device in multiple languages. English is the default language, but you can also switch to French, Japanese, Italian, German, Korean, Spanish, and Russian. Its multilingual support allows you to carry out every mission like a pro. You will always know what the mission is and how to complete it.


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