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Features of FL Studio Mobile Apk.

The app has more features than any other music editing app available in the market. Some of those features are below.

Sampler, drum kits, sliced-loop beats, and high-quality synthesizers.
Step Sequencer.
Configurable Drum-pads and Piano.
Link instruments to knobs/sliders.
MIDI controller support.
Record audio with monitoring.
You can browse samples and preset them with a pitchable preview.
Volume, Pan, release, and attack time configurable per instrument.
High-quality audio engine.
Mixer: solo, per-track mute, effect bus, and volume adjustment.
Effects include Chorus, Auto ducker, limiter, Compressor, Distortion, and Graphic Equalizer.
Save and load your songs, and export them to MP3 and WAV.
Share your songs with other mobile devices.




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