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Features Of FireAnime APK:

There are many features preinstalled in FireAnime for every user to enjoy and maximize efficiently, thus ensuring that their experience is worth the app.

This Android app aims to make manga movies the way you want just like all other Netflix or Amazon movies and TV series by offering the following unique features:

1.      User friendly interface :

It incorporates a simple and intuitive interface with an elegant and attractive design suitable for use by any user of any age.

2.      A checklist that saves your schedules :

FireAnime has a tracklist for every show you follow, allowing you to save your show and pick up where you left off last time.

3.      A single episode page :

There is an episode page that updates every time you complete an episode and lets you know which episode you watched and others.

4.      A wide range of display qualities :

Users can watch their favorite shows in HD, 480p, 720p and 1080p, depending on their preference.

5.      Real Debrid Connection :

Support Real Debrid. So, sign up there and activate their service through API Token.

6.      Additional components :

Additional modules are available on the home screen. Select and enjoy video content.

7.      Subtitles and subtitled animations :

With it, you can find movies or animated series with subtitles. Even with the support of subtitles.

8.      100% ad-free :

Most of the free streaming apps available for download seem too good to be true until you start using them and notice the many stubborn ads. Such commercials continually interrupt your viewing and by the end of the show the experience is far from what you hoped for.

FireAnime offers its users an ad-free platform, allowing you to watch the manga program you want without annoying interruptions. Explore every detail of the anime in the quality you want without any malicious ads hampering your airtime.

9.      100% free :

Unlike many other anime or manga related apps that require you to create an account and possibly sign up for unlimited viewing, FireAnime does the exact opposite. There is no need to register or pay for any subscription. The user has unlimited access to any show he wants and in the quality required.

10.  Support for external media players :

It allows its users to use any external players of their preference while streaming their favorite manga shows. MX Player, MX Player Pro, VLC, and K Player are among the many FireAnime compatible media players.

11.  Regular and recent updates :

With the release of a new episode for a specific anime, FireAnime is always on time to update your checklist. All shows are up to date and the app notifies you whenever a new episode is released for the show you may be following.

12.  Fully functional search page with relevant suggestions :

Instil a search page for users to search for any anime they have in mind. In case the name seems complicated to remember precisely, the search page has plenty of relevant suggestions every time you start typing to make it easier for you.



FireAnime APK
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