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Efectum Aqua Apk FEATURES:

Table of Contents

Video Effects, Slo-mo & Fast-Mo.
Adjust slow-motion or video speed for your video
Trim your video. Divide the video into two parts
Merge videos. Merge your videos to make one clip. Choose the video transition you prefer the most.
Please decide your favorite music and turn the sound on/off from our music library with more than 40 tracks.
The sound effect is done. You can also adjust each video’s music volume.
Create custom video effects or filters. You can create unique products with video filters like Glitch.
Adjust the brightness of the video.
For great text editing, add text to videos and stickers.
Create Collage – Choose a beautiful collage layout to create a video/photo collage. Use background (picture/view).
Set the aspect ratio for your video before uploading it to Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok
Effects Video Editing can be used to make amazing videos. Use widespread effects like slow motion and time-lapse music as well as filters to create fantastic video clips. Then share your videos on social networking sites like TikTok.


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