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Features of Deezer Premium Apk.

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The Apk version has all the features that are paid for in the original Deezer music app. That is why people around the world love it. Some of the features are below.

Skip unlimited songs, no more limitations like six tracks per hour.
Seeking is enabled, so you don’t have to go back to the app to listen to the favourite part of your song. Just do it from the notification panel or lock screen.
Unlimited shuffle to play the list in random order.
Chose any song from millions of libraries.
Add to the queue list feature is unlocked.
Play the next feature is unlocked.
Repeat is enabled.
Read lyrics of any song just by clicking on the lyrics button.
Add any song to your favourites to listen to them instantly.
Create different playlists according to your mood or routine.
Customize the sound with an inbuilt equalizer.
Select the light mode or dark mode according to your preference.
The search option is available so that you can search for your favourite music.



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