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Introduction to Dead Trigger 2 Apk:

Dead Trigger 2 is the second game in a zombie game series made by Madfinger Games. It came out a year after its predecessor. There are still no zombies in this game, but there is a lot more to do. Part 2 is a lot bigger than part 1. Game Part 2 can be said to be a perfect upgrade because it has better graphics and sound quality than the first one and it has fixed a problem with the first one, which was that there was not enough depth. If you play this game and it looks good, you’ll get a 2012 Unity Award.

  • Plot:

In 2012, a terrible pandemic spread across the world. It turned people into zombies and attacked other people to keep spreading germs. The spread of this disease was so fast that it wiped out every medical and military facility in every country in the world. A body part called “No Hope” was the only one that could fight off zombies that were ever made. However, they didn’t last very long.

Two years later, the zombies came up with a lot of new species that had a lot of power. Nope didn’t work at all and was completely wiped out. A lot of people are turned into zombies, leaving only a few people with different jobs. These people are the Medic and Engineer and Gunsmith and Scientist and you, the main character. In the beginning, you and your friends set up The Hideout. Then, you go on a journey through 33 countries and 600 scenes to fight zombies and find the cause and cure for this global disease. Dead Trigger 2’s story is great. Always, the game surprises me, making me want to learn more about the game’s small parts.

  • Gameplay:

Dead Trigger 2 is a first-person shooter game that combines survival, role-playing, action, horror, zombie, and many other things into one game. When you play a mobile game, you usually have to move along a track. In this game, you can move freely around the large open areas. That means you can play how you want, move around, and kill all the zombies that are coming at you with guns or grenades.

  • Zombies:

Rather than just having normal zombies as you see in movies, Dead Trigger 2 has a lot of different types of zombies. It’s hard to kill these boss zombies, but even 10 grenades can’t hurt them. Some species that I can think of for you are Rampager, Kamikaze, Radioactive Scientist, Vomitron, and Panzer. Rampager has a big body and moves very quickly. Kamikaze always has a box of explosives that can destroy a city. A radioactive Scientist is a mad scientist turned into a zombie. He can drink your blood to become stronger. Vomitron can vomit chemicals into you.

Guns are the best weapon against zombies because they can kill zombies from a long way away, without giving them a chance to get close. During the fight, I think you should stay close to the ammunition boxes so you can always get more ammunition. A wrench isn’t the best way to fight.

  • The Sniper Mode:

In addition to the story mode, you can play sniper mode, which is for the best guns. Many people are in danger when they move to safe places because zombies are right behind them. Your job is to shoot down all the zombies to protect the people who aren’t dead. It may not be easy or safe to do this job. Zombies are moving very quickly, and your helicopter is always moving, so it’s very hard for you to be very accurate when you aim and shoot.

Graphics: Dead Trigger 2 uses Unity technology to make the game’s graphics look very good. High-quality graphics and good picture quality. The environment in the game is very well-designed and detailed, but it still moves smoothly when you play it. The smoke, fire, and dust effects are very clear if you set the graphics to Ultra High. You’ll need a very high-configuration device to make sure the game runs stably on your device.





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