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FEATURES Of Chamet Mod Apk:

·        VIDEO CHAT:

The application is made to video chat with your friends. However, other popular social apps on the Google Play Store allow you to begin video chats with your friends you have contact with. When you initiate video chats using these most popular applications, you will be required to keep the number of your contact saved on your phone.

Chamet Mod Apk has surpassed the limit of saving your contact number as the first thing you save on your phone. It allows you to find individuals of interest in just a few seconds and get to know them as well.

·        VIDEO PARTY:

In addition to one-on-one video chat is another great aspect of this app is that it allows video chats with 5 individuals at a time. This lets you play an arty virtual party with your friends on the internet worldwide with this app. Therefore, without any cultural or language barriers, you’ll directly connect with many people across the world.


It is possible that having friends from all over the world can help you overcome language barriers. However, there’s an incredible feature of this application that is the translator for languages.

This application for video chat has a language translator, which allows you to translate your language into a different language and reverse it.This application breaks the language barrier and allows you to talk to almost any person on the planet.


The application has strict rules concerning sharing of profiles. Be sure to enter your original information on your profile to avoid being blocked by this app. In addition, to ensure that your profile is attractive to many others, ensure that you create your profile as attractive as you can.

·        SECURITY:

Although the application isn’t restricting anyone due to geographical limitations, this application is secure to use. You can immediately block any of your new friends if you feel that he’s causing you trouble, and you may also file a complaint against any fake user and permit this application to shut down the account of that person too permanently. Additionally, This application does not require any additional details. The process of signing in to this application is easy and secure.

·        LIVE STREAMS:

Participate in the live streams of the new friends and celebrities you follow via Chamet. Chat live with them through comments and share live streaming with your other friends as well. You can send direct online gifts for your celeb lover too.

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