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Benefits Of Apex Launcher Apk:

The most important factor in making Apex Launcher stand out among many apps is its customizable. Numerous icons and wallpapers are free, and users can freely alter their phones. The app also includes lots of 3D effects for transitions to enhance your phone’s wallpaper.

But if that’s all Apex Launcher does that, it may not make it to the top of the best Launchers available using Android phones. It’s not just elegant fashionable and comes with numerous options, but it can also help smartphones improve security beyond what they had before they used the application. Particularly, Apex Launcher provides an app lock and hide feature that allows secure privacy. It also has the option of unlocking apps using fingerprints or iris. These are advanced security techniques that only a few Launcher apps accomplish.

Additionally, Apex Launcher will assist you in locking Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail photos, videos settings, call logs, locations, and all the installed apps. It’s hard for anyone to discover and view what information is stored in your device. With the top-secret data files, photos, or sensitive videos, The application can also support complete privacy to block the unauthorized intrusion of webs or other applications.

Apex Launcher’s exclusive AppLock security system that works with passwords, PINs, or a hand-drawn pattern for locks makes Apex Launcher the best-known Launcher currently. Furthermore, all locks and designs can be automated or in a user-specific mode. You can completely secure your phone and all the important data stored on it.

The ability to increase the speed and efficiency of your mobile is one of the main features that come with Apex Launcher. It is a smart assistant that the app can assist with quick search and backup, sort and restore, which will accelerate your work on the most basic of tasks, improving productivity at work. You may not be aware of it. However, after you’ve been using Apex Launcher for some time, you’ll notice significant improvements in the basic functions making use of the application, in particular the speedy retrieval of deleted images or files.

Useful Features:

Apex Launcher supports an adjustable scrolling dock with at least 10 different icons on each page. It can also be used on five pages
You can hide elements however you like (status dock, bar, etc.)
The design and background style can be previewed and selected before applying them to the entire phone.
Support for classifying applications based on title and date of installation. duration of usage
Remove applications from the drawer
Optimize data for tablets and phones.


Apex Launcher Pro unlocks the following functions
Highly customizable drawer settings (sort apps within drawers or folders within drawers)
Notifications of unread count (provided through the no-cost Apex Notifier extension)
Convenient gestures for icons (swipe to up and down)
More gesture options (two-finger gestures)
Additional transition effects (accordion, cross, etc.)
Improved folder support (bulk add and merge folders)
Optional widgets for Advanced (widgets in docks and widgets that overlap)
Additional features are on them coming!
Tips For Using Apex Launcher Pro:
Long press? An icon then drags it over another to create an album.
Long press the icons or folders on the desktop. Select Edit from the popup menu to edit labels and icons.
Configure Apex Launcher as the primary app for your home screen to make shortcut icons from other applications (e.g., Chrome, Google).
This application uses its Device Administrator permission to enable the screen off and lock functionality.

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