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Main features Angry Birds Classic Apk:

In this game you will find the following main features and functions:

Eliminate pigs by shooting birds taking into account the laws of physics and how they can affect the trajectory of each shot.

Birds with exclusive powers:

Power-ups like Might Eagle, a bird with supernatural powers that can kill all pigs at once.

Unlock secret content:

Hundreds of levels to complete with constant updates.

What birds are available in this game?

This title includes a wide range of birds that we can use, although not all of them are available at all stages and their numbers also vary. The full list of birds is as follows:


The basic model, with no particularities.

Yellow Bird:

Click on it and it will accelerate for a moment, destroying any brittle materials it encounters such as wood and glass.


This little bird splits into three when clicked, destroying pigs and glass it encounters in its path.

Black Bird:

This heavy bird explodes seconds after making contact with an obstacle or when clicked, destroying absolutely everything around it.

White Bird:

If clicked in the air, it will drop an explosive egg which will destroy almost everything around it when it hits something.

Green Bird:

This bird changes direction when clicked, using a boomerang effect that has a much more destructive power.

Big Brother Bird:

Like the red bird, but much larger and more destructive.

Orange Bird:

The last one added, it starts very small but when you click on it it fills with air and becomes gigantic.

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