Download Airport City Mod Apk

Wonderful things if you join the game:

When you come to the airport city Mod apk transport manager, you can not only take part in flights, but the game will also give you great instructions. From the beginning, you have been shown how to use the plane and taught flight rules. During the game, you need to tell it where you want to go, and it will show you the best way to get there. All you have to do is sit on the plane and do what the game tells you to do.

Expanding the size of the airport:

You can turn the empty land into new places when you have enough money. You are opening more hotel chains, restaurant chains, and other high-end services. There, you can invite anyone you want, which might catch the attention of investors. Let them help you open more branches and make more money. Players can also become tycoons of many different airport locations. Come and try out the airport city transport manager’s great services!

Key features:

  • Try out your skills as an airline captain, build your airport, and buy your planes.
  • Play the part of the most powerful tycoon in the world.
  • Build a town, grow it into a unique megacity unlike any other, and make money from it to pay for the airport’s needs.
  • In one of the best tycoon games, you’ll be in charge of an international transportation hub with many remarkable buildings and places to go.
  • Improve the infrastructure of your airport and city to attract more tourists.
  • Talk to other players who like city simulators, flight simulators, and aviation games as much as you do.
  • Form strategic alliances and attend unique events.
  • Become the famous business tycoon you’ve always wanted to be!
  • With your plane, you can go anywhere in the world. You should go to your favorite places and bring back unique souvenirs.

How to install Airport City Mod Apk:

Step 1:

Get the version of airport city that you want (original apk or mod) from modded-1.

Step 2:

Unlock the setting on your mobile device that you don’t know, and let apps access it.

Step 3:

Tap airport city mod to install it.

Step 4:

Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the installation to finish.


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