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Features Of Aaja Chat Apk :

The main features of this application are listed below

Meet people :

Meet people who interest you, regardless of their professional or educational background. But these experts will allow you to understand all the basics to advance the difficulties you have ever encountered in your field. They will share their experience and answer any questions you ask them.

Live Moments :

People will share the memorable and fun moments they have ever experienced in their life in their stories. Some of them will share sitcoms. So this app might be the best time to spend.

Education :

You will receive questions and study-related materials from study groups. Experts will also submit a revised test model and the related articles by the revised schedule. In this group, you can study for your upcoming exams and papers.

New :

This category will allow you to read the news of your interest. For example, if you wish to read about a celebrity, this will provide you with their daily information. You can virtually be in touch with your star.

Groups :

Over 1000 different genre groups will be available each time to chat and ask for help from group members.

Sport :

If you are interested in any physical sport, sports, cricket, football, basketball, this app will keep you updated. On top of that, you can follow and read an update on your favourite athlete.

Games :

You will find many small games that you can play to earn coins and cash. You can add your friends with you in the game to play as a team.

Earn Money :

You will learn many methods to make money online using your smartphone and tablet. These methods will allow you to earn money online using a simple mobile application.

Technology :

Discover new tech gadgets and tech-related stuff. This app has in-depth knowledge of technology and related concepts.

Eligibility :

So who can install and use this mobile app? As mentioned, this app was developed by Indian developers, so it is eligible in a few countries, including

United Arab Emirates


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