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NameCyber Hunter
Ratings4.7 +
Game Size2.8 GB
DeveloperNetEase Games
Installs10 Million +
GenreBattle Royale

Cyber hunter apk mobile sandbox with survival game elements, violent skirmishes, and constructions. Get a whole new gaming experience by installing this online action game from developer NetEase Games. The events take place in the distant future when thanks to the rapid development of technology, humans have been able to enter a virtual quantum world, where there is a continuous struggle between justice and evil.

Choose the right side and embark on an unforgettable adventure where you can build traps, defend yourself with watchtowers, destroy individual objects for energy, locate enemies, and much more. Of course, it won’t help but shoot, drive several vehicles at exorbitant speeds, explore the vast world of 6 by 6 kilometers, and that’s not all Project Cyber ​​Hunter has to offer.

Learn More About Cyber ​​Hunter:

Cyber ​​Hunter is a mix of weapons and futuristic scenes, with Parkour in the center to have a privileged vantage point. This game features stunning 3D graphics in open-world Battle Royale gameplay. Survive to the end and kill all your opponents to win the game. And while you’re at it, get the most wins to become an MVP.

How you dominate your opponent depends on your proficiency with Cyber ​​Hunter’s five main weapon types: SMG, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, and Throwbacks. In addition to its amazing range of vehicles that you can use to navigate the map. Your building capacity is also limited.

Instead of choosing to create a building out of wood, brick, or metal, choose up to 3 prefabricated structures to take with you into the game. There is only one resource, Quantum Energy, that you use to build everything. You collect it just like you do with your weapons and other equipment. You will automatically pick it up as soon as you get close.

How to install Cyber ​​Hunter:

Download the APK file and cache.
Allow installation of apps from unknown sources in settings (only once)
Install using the file manager (usually the downloaded files are located in the download folder)
Copy the downloaded archive cache folder to the SD / Android / OBB / directory on your phone using the file manager. The result will be SD / Android / OBB / cache_folder / file * OBB
Run the application

Features of Cyber ​​Hunter APK:

There are a lot of features on this online app as usual. Like cyber hunter games, ios cyber hunter, android cyber hunter, and others, there are still some outstanding ones.

Lively characters with very similar faces:

With the new generation face sculpting art and over a hundred cosmetic designs, you can create distinct and vivid heroes

Special Skills and Tactics:

Many tactical skills, such as optical camouflage, quantum barriers, invisible force fields, and fire support. You can formulate your tactical system

Fly to find what you need :

Become a parkour expert and knock out your enemies in style. Glide through the sky, dive into deep water, climb and roll, many parkour moves are available in fast free fights.

Explore and fight in a sandbox world:

All grounds are open for free exploration, including 100-meter-high waterfalls, desert temples, and swamp relics. You will find many weapons in this world.


Cyber ​​Hunter is an online gaming application for Android. It is one of the most usable and downloadable app for android users. Its user ratio is 4. When it comes to an online connection, the app is the best. Here I will share the latest updated version of this app with you. The app is the best app in the Google Play Store. After releasing this app, it goes viral in no time due to its popular features and great user experience.


What is the Cyber ​​Hunter Game customer support email address?

The customer support email address is [email protected]. Use this email address for support tickets and to report any hackers you may encounter.

When will the PC version be released?

The PC version is currently under development and will be released shortly after the global release of the mobile version.

When will we receive our early rewards?

Pre-registration rewards will be sent out after the game is released worldwide.

How do I submit a support ticket from within the game?

Settings → Customer Service → Contact Us

Are there bots in the game?

Yes. There are bots in matches when the number of players online is low or offline during matchmaking to increase competition. The higher your level, the harder it will be to get rid of bots.

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