CSGO Mobile Apk 3.72 Download Latest Version + OBB File 2023

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NameCSGO Mobile
PublisherValve Corporation 
CategoryShooter, Game
RequiresAndroid 4.0


CSGO Mobile APK Android is a fun and fast-paced shooting game for Android. You can use your skills in shooting, jumping, and chaining to get rid of your enemies. You also enjoy taking on complex tasks, overcoming obstacles, and exploring new and unique places. To make things even better, the game now has a lot of different weapons and five new shooting moves that can be customized.

If that’s not enough, the new maps and locations of CS GO Mobile APK will make your user interface even more smooth and epic! So, we will tell you about all the new features and information about the game. Besides a direct link to download the most recent version of Counter-Strike Global Offensive APK + Data for Android, there is also a way to get it. Watching the new game features and all the additions and other things isn’t the only thing you should do.

CSGO Mobile Apk


Playing CSGO on your phone:

You can play this game even when you don’t have internet. It’s a great shooting and fighting game, one of the oldest and most well-known actions and war games and the most popular at the moment and one of the oldest and most popular. Where you can go on exciting war adventures that have events and activities in them, like going to the movies, in addition to exploring new places, overcoming all obstacles, and killing your opponents on CSGO Mobile, you can also keep killing them.

In 2022, Dead Target MOD APK will be available (Unlimited Money, Diamonds, All Unlocked)

Also, you can get new trophies and medals and badges and whales that are only available during certain times of the year. Another great thing about this new game is getting all-new weapons. It also has a way to change the name of the game, the picture of the gamer, the tag for the game, and the title of the clan. As a bonus, you can search for servers that aren’t on Steam and use more maps.

Another good thing is getting Automatic CSGO Mobile Update for free. That’s one of the most important things. A copy of the OBB files of the game will be fun for you. The Unlimited Support for languages, versions, and operating systems such as Android, iOS, and PC also allows you to get into many new places. To unlock new characters and make them work, you’ll get more options for customizing and upgrading your game.

HD graphics and other new features will be added and a lot more. To get the most recent version of CSGO Mobile APK + OBB for free, you don’t need to root your phone at all. It also has a small size, is easy to use, and doesn’t take up a lot of space. The DATA file makes it easy to install the game. You can find out more about other things and see more new stuff in the next.

Enjoy having more weapons to choose fr

The features of the Counter-Strike Global Offensive APK:

• Open the Weapons.

om. Also, you can use the new customization options to improve all of the weapons quickly.

This is high quality.

Free Fire MOD and PUBG Mobile MOD are strategic war games, just like other games that have this type of game. High-quality graphics are what makes these games stand out.

• New Maps

Also, you will enjoy playing on more new maps, like Inferno, Mirage, Dust 2, Cache, and other maps and game modes, and playing in different ways.

• New People.

The more characters you get, the more fun you will have. As we said above, you can change the characters as you want.

It should be easy to use.

CS: GO Mobile doesn’t take long to learn how to play because you don’t need to spend much time. The game has a straightforward and familiar interface for users to use.

• Customization.

It’s also effortless to change any item you want in the game. In addition, you can make your characters and weapons unique, and you can play on all the servers.

• New things.

Also, look into more new places and environments. Skills and physical strength aren’t the only things you can use to get through all the levels and obstacles.

Steam files: • VPK

When you buy Counter-Strike Global Offensive, one of the best features and additions is there. There is a place where you can quickly get an original copy of VPK Steam files.

• Compatibility.

You will be able to get the game on any device or version you have. Where many phones and small devices can run CS GO.

• There is no root.

The CSGO Mobile APK 2021 for Android doesn’t need you to root your phone to get the app. You don’t need to obtain permission to play the game.

People who speak different languages can use this service

In the end, you can play the game in any language you want. The game can be played in many other languages worldwide, like Russian, Japanese, French, and more.

How to install it?

  1. You will download Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mobile from the link above, and then you can play the game.
  2. Then, you’ll have to wait for the game to load.
  3. When you get to Settings, you’ll see what’s happening there.
  4. Finally, you have to allow Unknown Sources.
  5. So that you don’t have any problems when trying to set up the game.
  6. Then, the downloads will start to open up.
  7. Then, you will be able to start installing CSGO Mobile quickly.



It’s now possible to get the most recent version of the CSGO Mobile APK app for Android. It’s also fun to unlock all the weapons and get more characters, trophies, maps, and badges. You’ll also be able to get more knives and medals and servers and auto-updating features. Besides being able to change the language, you can change your name, avatar, and other things. You will also be able to explore more new environments and places thanks to a great set of new maps and a new user interface that is easy to use.

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