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Are you a fan of cricket? Take it at your fingertips via Cricket Exchange! Receive live score updates as well as other crucial information right now. There are millions nowadays who are avid cricketers. It’s a favored sport across India, England, and many nations in Asia. This is why there are many games played every month and tournaments throughout the year. For some fans of cricket who aren’t in a position to support their teams at times due to their busy schedules. Due to this, Cricket Exchange is a handy application for everyone who loves cricket!

The app won’t allow streaming of cricket matches live, but it provides all important updates and live scores directly within the app! In this app, you will access all live scores of current games and ball-by-ball commentary. Fans can also check out the profile of their players, which includes pertinent information about their game’s birthday, birthplace, birthday, and others. You can also decide to receive notifications about upcoming matches of your teams to ensure you don’t miss out on everything!


Do you enjoy cricket as millions of cricket fans around the world? It is among the top sports globally that attracts millions of people from all corners of the globe. It’s a great sport similar to baseball, but it is a completely different sport. In this sport, teams alternate scoring and defending in addition to doing other activities. The fans of the sport tend to be dedicated and must be supportive of their group at all times.

However, sometimes life and work can get out of the way, and fans can’t watch live games. But that doesn’t mean you should stop the team you love! Thanks to Cricket Exchange, you can receive live score updates from all matches around the world. This app is available for numerous local leagues, including PSL, IPL, Big Bash League, Abu Dhabi T10 league, Country Cricket, etc. Furthermore, the app supports every ICC tour and tournament today. So, you’ll never have to miss any major games this year if you’re using the app.

You can view the live score and play-by-play commentary too. You’ll also get access to the most important information about the games and the specific player information.


 NameCricket Exchange
 Compatible withAndroid 4.1+
 MODNo ads
 UpdatedFew Days Ago
 DeveloperCricket Exchange
 Compatible withAndroid 4.1+



Like many sports globally, players often become absorbed in these sports. The majority of people watch famous players and teams across the globe, no matter where they play. However, for the majority of people, they’re fine watching on their televisions or via the internet. However, if you’re an active person, you may need to install Cricket Exchange. It’s the best application to have if you’re an avid cricket enthusiast.

This app has all the live scores for current games around the globe. It includes many local and international leagues, like The County Cricket, Super 50 Cup, PSL, Big Dash League, IPL, and more. It’s now possible to not have to wait for replays to cheer on your team live. You’ll also have access to live commentary and player details right inside the app. You can access all relevant information about the match and stadium now.


Sport fans understand how crucial it is to be up-to-date with scores. There may be work, but we shouldn’t let it stop us from cheering on our teams. Thanks to Cricket Exchange, you can continue to work and not miss anything that is cricket-related. Here, you can watch every live match that is taking place and also the live scores. This isn’t just a scoring application, but also gives amazing commentary that creates the illusion of watching the game live. You can also pin the live scores to the background to quickly check it out whenever you turn on your Phone.


Sometimes, we’re not in a position to view live games while we’re working. However, using Cricket Exchange, you can not only view live scores but the commentaries too. It’s like watching the game live by reading the essay.

Player Information Player Info As cricket enthusiasts, we all have our favorite players who we follow. In this application, you can view the details of your top players and the information of all other players! You’ll be able to look up their careers in a glance, their height, age, as well as their specialties, the latest performances, and scores. Find it fun to compare different players and becoming a fan of their work.

·         BE ALERTED:

You may also opt to be alerted about forthcoming matches using the app! So, you won’t lose any crucial games.

Analysis The application provides all match analysis as well as breakdowns using simple graphs and other items!

The Cricket Exchange app can be downloaded and installed on Android.

To have an enjoyable experience, it’s important to understand how to work with your APk and Apk MOD files once you’ve downloaded them onto your device. APK files are the basic documents of the Android application, similar to what .exe is used for Windows. The APK is the acronym for the Android Package Kit (APK for short). It is the format for package files utilized for Android. Android operating system to distribute and the installation of mobile applications.

In four easy steps, In just 4 easy steps, I’ll show you how to install Cricket Exchange.apk on your Phone when you’re done downloading it.



Install the Cricket Exchange.apk onto your device.

It is possible to download it today, selecting one of our mirrors for downloads listed below. It’s 100% guaranteed to perform. If you downloaded the app on a PC, be sure you download it on your Android device.


Allow Third-Party apps on your device.

To install Cricket Exchange.apk, You must ensure that third-party apps are enabled for installation as sources. Go to Settings > Menu > Security, and make sure to check Unknown Sources to permit your device to install applications that come from other sources than those on the Google Play Store.

For Android 8.0 Oreo, rather than checking the global setting that allows the installation of an unknown source and then prompting you to let your file manager or browser download APKs when you first try to do this.


Open the location of your File Manager or your browser’s location. Now, you must find that Cricket Exchange apk file that you downloaded.  If you’d like to download the file manager application here so that you can quickly search for documents on an Android device.

Once you’ve located that cricket Exchange.apk file, double-click it, and it will begin the normal installation process. Press “Yes” when prompted for anything. Be sure to follow all prompts on the screen.



Cricket Exchange is now installed on your device. Enjoy!


Cricket Exchange – the app that will provide you with scores from cricket in real-time. News and everything related to cricket all in one app on your smartphone. The menu of the last matches and upcoming games is available, along with polls and rankings. Live matches are available at home. All international tours, leagues, and competitions like Caribbean Premier League or European Cricket Series are included.

Thanks to the constant update of scores, odds, and session records, the app always has up-to-date information. It is impossible to miss any information because of the most up-to-date news from the world of cricket. If you’re looking to locate the details of an entire team, game, or player, you can utilize a search engine. Every match is categorized to make it easy to view.

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