Carrom Pool Mod APK 7.0.1 Download Latest (Unlimited Coins and Gems)

Carrom Pool Mod APK is a board game for multiplayer games with realistic features. The game is simple to play. Carrom Pool Game has two different modes. The game is easy. You have to place the disc in the hole. The person or team with the highest score is the winner.

Carrom utilizes the exact strategies as Billiards use the same methods. You’ll need to aim balls at the pockets. In this case, They are referred to as discs. In contrast to billiard, four players can play the Carrom game. Everyone has their preferred discs that are the equivalent amount you’ll have to shoot in each or all four of them. The table has a square form, making it shorter than the typical table. Furthermore, the user can shoot the central disc in a certain location.

It is only possible to target the disks you require with a different color or pattern from other players to distinguish the two. If you carelessly shoot other players’ disks in the pit, they will score, too. This is why the game demands you to be precise and precise in the direction you aim the disks.

The first player to bring his disks into the hole wins! It’s possible to place bets on the number of coins you want to bet, and you’ll be the winner of everything when you win the game. This makes the game more exciting since you’re playing against real people living in real-time.


Unlimited Gems and Coins.
Multiplayer option.
Have fun with family and with your friends.
Participate in tournaments and play with the best players.
Join every day’s lottery and stand a chance to win huge prizes.
Participate in games at different arenas around the globe.
Feel the smoothness of game controls and realistic Physics.
Unlock a range of pucks and strikers.
It is possible to play offline.
Unlocked all chests.


Carrom Pool Mod comes with two distinct modes: Classic mode and Disco Pool mode. Since this is a multiplayer game, you can play with your friends from the local area who are connected to you on social networks. You can also compete with players from all over the globe. Carrom Pool Mod is the modified variation of this game, where you can enjoy some redesigned features, such as items that are unlocked, unlocked Strikers, unlocked Pucks, unlimited gems, and unlimited coins.

It’s a fantastic board game that’s not huge in terms of size or requiring high-speed internet to play it. Carrom Pool includes daily events and rewards, chests, and more. You can unlock and improve your sticker collection. Offline mode is a good example. It is supported by it.


Carrom Pool follows the laws in Physics in its gameplay, which gives it a real-world feel. It will make you feel as if you were playing the game in real life. It’s like you’re from your childhood, like the majority of us who have played it in the past. It has smooth gameplay and beautiful animations, and significant visual effects. Multiplayer

As we all know, multiplayer modes are becoming famous from time to the moment. This is why we have two multiplayer games in Carrom Pool (Carrom or Disc Pool). It’s even more exciting is that we can play with our buddies and enjoy the game with each other. We can compete against top players too.

It has a freestyle game mode where you can win incredible prizes that can reach 1 million coins of gold. However, it does require an entry fee too. The first game starts with a prize of 400 dollars and a 200 entry fee. You can send messages between games like “well played” or “What you think of a strike” and other notices.


Enjoy your favorite Carrom Pool MOD APK in both modes, offline and online. In an online way, it is possible to play against your Facebook friends by joining Facebook. In offline mode, you’ll be able to play using a computer; therefore, there is no doubt about boredom. There is also an exercise mode that lets you, which allows you to practice your game to enhance your Carrom abilities.



It will offer precisely the same gameplay as it is in its official form. To play Carrom Pool Game, you have to join Facebook and Google Play. You can also play as a guest. Anyone can play Disc Pool, Carrom, and Freestyle modes. In Carrom, it is necessary to use drag functions for playing the game, which is easy.

Additionally, you can earn reward points from time to time. When you play using an account on Facebook, you will locate your friends, too. There are great skins to play the Carrom Striker too.


Download the file now using this link.
Remove another version of the game from your phone.
Go to your phone’s Settings >SecurityUnknown Sources. Switch it on. You can also remove your play protection in the play store app settings.
Check that you have enough room on your phone.
Find the location on your phone where the downloaded file is located on your phone.
Click it to install and wait for it to finish installing.
Then your Carrom Pool hack APK for android has been installed successfully.
Start playing the game and open it.


Download and play Carrom Pool MOD Android across the globe as well as with your friends. It’s not necessary to explain what Carrom is since this game is well-known in several nations. When you play, the carrom game is the best way to play. The most suitable option to play it on is Carrom Pool MOD APK, which provides you with various options to play. Why are you waiting so long to download the game? Download the app and begin playing with the other players around the world.

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