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NameBox Skin Injector APK
CategoryApps, ML Apps, Tools
Required AndroidAndroid 5.0+
File size10MB

BOX SKIN INJECTOR APK is an excellent tool for the gamer. With the help of this gaming tool, you can improve your gameplay. The features of this tool make your MLBB journey easy and joyful. It is an app that modifies all the characters by changing skins.

Users can use all Effects, Skin, Drones, Maps, Recalls, Analogs, etc for free without paying any cost. Users can unlock all premium stuff, including classic and latest items for all parts of the game.


THE BOX SKIN INJECTOR is a tool that is used to inject mods, hacks, and cheats into the game. By using the mod installer, you can have your favorite skin for free. Play Store doesn’t have this app. To download the app, you have to click the link.

The new and latest version of Box Skin Injector carries top-rated skins, backgrounds, heroes, and much more. These things help make the customer’s life easier and more enjoyable. There’s no risk associated with the tool. Users don’t have to enter any confidential information.


The features by which this tool stands different and observable among all its competitors are discussed below:

·         SKIN:

There are huge numbers of skins variety provided by the developers. the player can get skin such as Skin Assassin, Skin Fighter, Skin mage, Skin marksman, Skin Tank, and multi-support Skin. Similar skins and items for Mobile Legends may be found in the new MOBA Tool.

·        FREE ML SKIN:

Every time the players spend a handsome amount in purchasing skins for their favorite heroes in the games.

But nowadays, as the times have modernized, people expect everything to be free. Because users do not want to pay or spend a single penny. The software helps players unlock a large variety of skins for all of the game’s key characters.

·         CHEATS CODES:

The program includes a large number of cheats and codes that may be used to obtain desired products by just putting in a cheat code.

Finding out what it does not necessitate a great deal of effort.

.            Compatibility:

This application makes the tool unique and easy to use. This app is competent to work on any Android OS. It does not require any precise OS or does not enquire the user about the requirement of the device.

·         FREE DOWNLOAD:

This application is free to purchase around the world. The user doesn’t need to pay anything for downloading the app. It is available for all Android OS versions at no cost to all users.

·         DRONE VIEW:

This application has a modern feature that provides its user with a drone view. None of the tools have this ability, which that proves, the tool is smart. This application provides the ability to view a drone view at 2x, 3x, 4x, 8x, and 10x. It is helpful for the player to be able to keep track of the enemies and their strategies by having a view of the whole battlefield.

This is the best app where you can do a maximized view of the battlefield. The app provides a drone camera to cover a wide range of almost all battlefield areas with different angles.

·         COMBAT EFFECT:

This application provides you with a huge variety of combat effects that improve MLBB when players are playing on the basic Android OS. There are more than 95 heroes who you can own, train to fight, and defend for yourself.  This app has a huge list of combat effects.

·         CLASSIFIED:

In a nutshell, the application consists of classified packs of skins, heroes, and battleground injectors. The skins are the same as in the game’s classified packs.

The developers have to pay for the packs that are offered after a very high price.

·         EASY TO USE:

This tool is effective and easy to use. The tool gives you surety that the packs are 100% working. The tool works satisfactorily with the latest version of MLBB.


Step 1:

Firstly, click on the Box Skin link and wait for a while because the downloading process is fast.

Step 2:

The downloaded file would be available in the download section of the mobile device.

Step 3:

Click on that file for installation and follow the further steps.

Step 4:

Go to Android phone security settings and start the Unknown Sources option.

Step 5:

Then click on that file again and allow the message that instantly appears on the screen.

Step 6:

The installation won’t take long to complete, enjoy playing after it will be ready to use.


Is it free to use or do we have to pay some money for a subscription?

No, you don’t have to pay any money to install it. It is free to download and use.

Why do we need the skin for heroes?

Because each skin has different powers and skills and these skills and powers help the user to win the challenge besides this fighter looks beautiful with skin.

Is it safe to use, or a chance to ban?

No, there is no chance to ban your account, it is completely safe and sound.


If we talk about the benefits of Box Skin Injector has a few limitations. This app doesn’t have an icon. The Box Skin Injectors are the greatest skin tool and very decent injector. The best thing about this game is that it is free of cost and the player does not have to pay for any skins and without investing any money. Enjoy the game with your favorite heroes. The new version of Box Skin Injector is the best application that provides all types of skin for ML games. You inject any skin with one click. Make your game history fantastic after using the amazing features of Box Skin injector APK.

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