Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk 2.1.0 Download Latest + OBB File

Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk is one of the best online multiplayer battles royale games. The exciting part of this game is an action adventurousness and theme and music developed by Krafton, specifically to tune PUBG lovers.

In this game, you have to play online with other players across the globe to become the winner lasting as the last battle soldier surviving through combating and defeating the opponents and enemies.

Since PUBG has been banned within the regime inclusive of India, you, therefore, cannot excess to spend and enjoy your good time in enthusiastic gaming.

Within a few months after launching, the familiarity of Battlegrounds has been boosted up due to the similarities that can also be termed as a new version of PUBG.

Battleground Mobile India is a free online multiplayer game that you can download from the google play store on your Android Mobile.


The gameplay of Battlegrounds Mobile India consists of up to the maximum extent of hundred players battling it out in a battle royale, a type of big deathmatch in which players battle to remain the last alive. It’s up to the person to play the match either solo, duo, or with a small team of up to four people. The last person or team who left alive at last wins the match.

Through Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk, you remain in Intouch globally with your friends and family, making new friends while playing in the global stream. It also boosted the reflexes and skills of players through playing the available unlimited tournaments and events. The game is all about using tact efficiently and smartly to safeguard and target and kill others.

Attractive Features Of Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk:


It provides the most impressive AAA game experience on mobile devices. It provides Ultra HD and UHD, which weren’t available before.


Battleground Mobile India also provides wallhack. There are certain times when you are in a fight, and the enemy is behind a wall. With the help of the wallhack feature, you can easily spot him when he fires.

AIM-Bot and Auto Aim:

There is no need to burn and waste your Ammo for killing your opponent and take the chicken dinner. With the new update now, you can easily aim at your opponent and shoot him without any waste of Ammo. With this feature, you can easily lock your aim on your opponent and take the win without any problems.


With this game, now you have much more chances to improve your skills and take the win as many of the gamers faced problems with the recoil control as the weapons have too much recoil due to which sometimes, they lose the fight and couldn’t perform well. With all that taken into action now, the weapons have absolute Zero recoil, which enhances your gameplay, and you all can win fights easily and have no problems in controlling the weapon.


The game is almost similar, but some differences make Battleground Mobile India the latest than pubg.

In PUBG, when you are in a fight and shoot your enemy, you see blood splash, which is in red, but in Battleground Mobile India, the blood splash is of green color, which makes it less of a violent game.

The kill moniker now is named finished, so whenever you down any enemy, it shows on the top the number of enemies finished except for Killed.

Many safety alerts in Battleground Mobile India tell people that they should rest or take a break from gaming as they have played too much and have done too much screen time.

The game also asks for the age as there is an age limit for playing this game; thus, there is no mechanism to cross-check that.


Both the games are very much similar as the graphics of both the games are outstanding and are incomparable to each other. Except for that, the gameplay is the same, making the people feel like old times when they used to play PUBG.

The components are the same as the map which you could see in the old-time is also the way you can see it here. The weapons and the scopes are the same for PUBG and Battleground.

It has the same user interface and all the gameplay options, including Team deathmatch and battle royale, and much more to offer.


Step 1

Search for battleground Mobile India on google play store.


Download the application. The installation will only take a few seconds.

Step 3

If you had linked your social media ID with PUBG, then by linking that same ID with Battleground Mobile

you can get your DATA back and enjoy your game.

Step 4 

Click the install button and start playing the game.


Step 1:

Download the Android emulator (Blue stacks) from the official website of the platform.

Step 2:

once the installation is complete open the application.

Step 3:

Now sign in to excess full options of play store

Step 4:

After signing in, search for Battlegrounds Mobile India. Then download it and enjoy the game

Step 5:

If you had signed in to PUBG with your social platform so then here, by signing in to the social platform, you can get your data back.


Is Battleground mobile India readily available?

You can download battleground Mobile India from the google store. Battlegrounds Mobile India is easily accessible on your Android phone.

Is Battleground mobile India similar to PUBG?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is almost the same as PUBG Mobile India, excepting a few improving changes. Henceforth, PUBG lovers termed battleground as the latest version of PUBG in India.

Is Battlegrounds Mobile India safe?

The privacy and safety element has especially been given due consideration and is entirely safe because of Indian design, and there is a link with any other companies.

Is Battleground Mobile India free?

The game is free to play. You download and play. It is an online multiplayer battle royale game that krafton designs.


Battleground Mobile India is an action-based adventurous game where multiplayer can play online across the world. In this game, players can use a variety of modes and options. They can either play solo or through team building. Battleground Mobile India is almost similar to PUBG and has been designed and released after the ban on PUBG in India.

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