AZWhatsApp APK 11.00 Download (Official) Latest Version 2023

Download Latest Updated AZWhatsApp APK: Presently, WhatsApp is a famous and most used messaging and chatting app where you can create various groups for different kinds of people and share your photos, videos, and any messages. Due to its all facilities and its service, it becomes a very messaging app. Now on every phone, you will see the green icon app named WhatsApp. Today in this post we gonna share with you another version of WhatsApp is AZ Whatsapp.

AZ Whatsapp APK is the MOD of the official version of Whatsapp. They will serve you with many different ultimate features. Those features will not available on the official Whatsapp. So to know well about AZWhatsapp keep reading our post toll the end and also if you are a previous user of AZWhatsapp then you will easily download the latest version of AZ WhatsApp from this post.

Latest Updated AZWhatsapp will serve you those features that will not be seen in the official Whatsapp version. Cause official version of Whatsapp comes with some limitations but AZWhatsapp will fulfill those shortcomings and it will give you a great WhatsApp using experience than the official version. It’s all features that are very good and they offer more than the official version of Whatsapp like sharing of files, video, and photos. Original Whatsapp limits the sharing file size but AZWhatsapp will serve you more than it. About it, we will gonna discuss below so don’t quit keep going through the post to meet your crucial information of AzWhatsapp and Download Now AZ Whatsapp to enjoy its ultimate features.

Info About AZ Whatsapp:

Size51 MB
Requires Android4.0+


Download AZ Whatsapp APK to use multiple accounts of your Whatsapp. It is the best way to use your multiple WhatsApp accounts on one phone. You will easily access your WA accounts by downloading many MOD APKs of official Whatsapp like GBWhatsapp, OG Whatsapp, FMWhatsap, and many others. Many MOD Whatsapps are available on the market AZWhatsApp is one of them. Original Whatsapp comes with limited functions but all Whatsapp MODs have their ultimate features. Cause the developer of the AZWhatsapp to add some more features into its version that will be not available in the original Whatsapp. The key features and their all great features are listed below. Don’t forget to check out it in the APK.


The features that will be listed below will not available in the original WA because the developer of AZWhatsapp add more and different features in it to give you a great and different user experience of WA. So let’s see all the great features that will be served by AZWhatsapp.


Set app lock to your AZWhatsapp to avoid miss-use off your account. Set passwords to your WhatsApp and secure them. Password will secure your data and protect you from others. So set a lock to your AZWhatsapp Account.


Protector set a password on a specific chat that you don’t wanna show to others. You can easily protect any chat in AZWhatsapp APK. By protecting your chat no one will interfere or see your chats. To protect them end to end.


The specialty of the AZWhatsapp is its all beautiful themes and fonts. All themes are very good in look and they will wholly change your WA UI. It has More than 3k beautiful themes and more than 30 fonts. These two things will completely change your ordinary Whatsapp into fully customized WA.


AZWhatsapp is popular for its better privacy. Cause it is giving many privacy protection functions to their users to keep their activities private. So best for your privacy is AZWhatsapp APK. Download now!


Before doing any installation, you must backup your messages and media files manually from the official WhatsApp. By doing so, you’ll restore all your messages and find them on the AZWhatsApp without any issue. Failure to backup will result in losing all your messages and any files sent through the app.

Installing the mod is straightforward, and we have listed down the steps below. Follow these steps, and you won’t encounter issues during the process:

Take the backup files downloaded from the official WhatsApp. You o this by going to Settings then click on Chats.
Click on Chat Backup
Uninstall the official WhatsApp from your device
Before installation, enable “Unknown Sources” when prompted
Install AZWhatsApp APK
Launch the application and permit all authorizations
Close the AZWA application
Restart the app and click on the “Agree and Continue” button.
Enter your mobile number and snap-on Copy WhatsApp Date.
Check your gadget with OTP and restore your chats


AZWhatsApp APK is better compared to other WhatsApp mods out there. It comes with all the features of YoWhatsApp and more. You can use this app without any risks of getting banned. One of the features of AZWhatsApp is clearing duplicate media files. It comes with more alternatives and features than the official version of WhatsApp.

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